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Monday, July 4, 2011

GUEST AUTHOR: Shannon Curtis

Shannon Curtis was born and raised in Sydney, Australia, and always enjoyed reading mysteries, even as a child (she was addicted to Nancy Drew and Trixie Beldon mysteries) and when she was old enough she fell in love with the romance genre - now she gets to combine both genres and writes romantic suspense!
About the book...
VIPER'S KISS is a romantic suspense set in contemporary Seattle.
My heroine -  Maggie Kincaid, is a rock-solid bookworm. She works in a university library, so when she’s mistaken for a spy-for-hire it’s a drastic change of pace from her normal life.
My her0 - Luke Fletcher, is a former Special Forces hero, and the death of a close comrade in action has forced him to re-evaluate his life, and he’s ready to settle down. But not with an assassin!

Quirky things about my characters…Maggie has a secret obsession with all things Wonder Woman.
Luke is sworn to defend, to right wrongs and uphold the law. And he loves to hack. Defense systems, educational institutions, personal computers – he loves the cyber hunt and the thrill of an online chase. Nerd. But sexy, too!

One scene I’d never cut…Maggie is at the hospital, and she needs to avoid detection, so she uses a disguise and a diversion. I loved this one, and you can tell how much time I’ve spent watching MacGyver re-runs! I enjoy hands on research, and one element of this scene made me feel like such a delinquent. Hint: It has something to do with smoke! Total fun!

Something my characters would never say…Maggie would never say: "No, call me Sex Kitten."
Luke would never say: "Would you like to catch a movie, sometime?"

What do you think the readers will like about this book? I hope they like the humour. And the action. It was a bit of a rollercoaster ride writing this, and I hope that element comes through in the reading. Most of all, I hope they have fun reading it.
Librarian Maggie Kincaid yearns for excitement—but being accused of espionage is not what she had in mind. Wanted by the police, the FBI and the criminal element, Maggie goes on the run—and runs straight into sexy Luke Fletcher. Unfortunately, when Luke pulls out the handcuffs, it's not because he has something kinky in mind...
Security expert Luke is intent on seeing the murderous spy known only as Viper brought to justice. The un-spy-like behavior of his fugitive makes him suspect he's apprehended the wrong woman. Just as they give in to lust, new evidence convinces Luke that Maggie's not as innocent as she claims to be.
Devastated by Luke's inability to trust her, Maggie runs again. She's determined to clear her name, and if that means tracking down a notorious spy even Interpol can't seem to locate, then that's exactly what she'll do...

What’s next for me? Luke works with members of his former Special Forces unit, and I noticed that a couple of his buddies shanghaied some scenes, so I think they’re demanding their own stories. Noah’s story is calling to me…

About Me…
My Favourite Movie of All Time…
The Great Escape. Hands down. I grew up reading WWII spy novels (Alistair MacLean), and I have such a respect and awe for that time – and this movie is based on a real story! All the tension, the setbacks – and hey, Steve McQueen on a motorbike. What’s not to like? I often find myself whistling the theme…

My Favourite Fairytale…The Princess and the Pea! I LOVE that. It’s the ultimate customer service story. Complain about an uncomfortable bed/dissatisfactory experience, and you wind up a princess. Ah, if only Telstra could learn that lesson.

Favourite Story to Disappear into…Oh, gosh. There are so many good stories out there, it’s hard to pick one. I think anything with engrossing characters, and maybe a hint of danger, will probably have my disappearing for a while!

Favourite TV program…MacGyver. Enough said.

First Book I Remember Reading…It would have to be an Enid Blyton book. I can’t remember the title, but it was a collection of stories involving toys who came to life at night, and fairies at the bottom of the garden. Toadstools are now a big thing in my family. And no, not the magic mushroom variety.

Dog or Cat Person: Dog.

Author, Living or Dead I’d Most Like to Meet: Probably Agatha Christie. I’d love to pick her twisted brain!

A Romantic Retreat…Ooooh, someplace very warm, so minimal clothes required. And someplace deserted due to the minimal clothes thing. A log cabin in the forest with a thermal spring. And maybe a nice little waterfall. They’re always good.  And DH, of course.

What I Do to Unwind/Relax…Read a good book, preferably in a nice warm bubble bath with a glass of red wine.

What Era Would I Like To Time Travel and Visit? Why? Hm. Umm. Perhaps Sydney, the time of the Rum Rebellion in 1808?

Governor Bligh (of Mutiny on the Bounty fame) was deposed by the NSW Corps, helped by John Macarthur. I get the impression there was a lot of corruption and deception, betrayal, and shenanigans,  and some heroic moments, and I’d love to see what really went on!

But only visit, then come back, because I like electricity and indoor plumbing, and being able to wear jeans.

What does love mean to me? Love is support, care and consideration for someone other than yourself, of being cherished, appreciated – with a great dollop of lust thrown in!

Shannon, thanks for joining me today! It's been great learning more about you.

Shannon's also generously giving away a pdf copy of VIPER'S KISS - just tell her what quirky trait would you like to see most in a hero? And who knows? You might see that quirky hero’s trait appear in one of her forthcoming novels! Send your entry to contactme(at)shannoncurtis(dot)com, and a winner will be announced both here and on Shannon's blog/website on Aug 4.

You can find Shannon on Facebook, blog (Writer’s Ink) and website (where you can sign up for her e-newsletters).


  1. Great interview Shaz!

    Funnily enough....I'm watching MacGuyver as I'm reading this!

    I can't wait to buy it for myself :-)

  2. Loved this interview - and MacGuyver, he's like the roadrunner - nothing kills him!
    Quirky trait in a hero. Hmm. I'd like to see someone nondescript for a change, maybe a dangerous man who seems so ordinary.

  3. Ta Ladies!
    A nondescript hero, huh? Like Clark Kent minus the Superman? Very interesting. Have you read Heaven and Earth, by Nora Roberts? My first beta hero, unassuming - but he got sexier and sexier with every page turn, brains and all!

  4. Red wine, good book, warm bubble bath...you're a woman after my own heart...

  5. I LOVE the questions Kylie asks and Shannon's answers are awesome too. I love the sound of your hero Shannon as I LOVE a good nerd! I'd like a hero with a really quirky hobby - something like collecting gnomes or something! Now try make THAT sexy!!

  6. Collecting gnomes!!?? Love it. But surely it's the quality and not the quantity, that counts?

  7. A quirky trait that I would love in a hero, is a man who can cook! Heroes are already extraordinary men with their protective nature, their strength and bravery but not often are their everyday, normal doings lauded. It would definitely make the hero more sensitive and tender with some scenes of him doing domestic duties. To add the quirk factor to it, he could be a cute klutz about it, buying cookbooks, putting on glasses as he squints at the TV cooking channel etc. :)

  8. ^^ I forgot to add on top of all that he is also a coupon user! Love that!

  9. I love a good cook hero! And it always makes a woman feel special to have someone cook something for her, for a change!
    I like it!

  10. LOL, ladies! I love the quirky suggestions - Shannon's going to have a time choosing between them.

  11. Lovely interview :) And this looks like an awesome book!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  12. Hey Shannon! quirky traits... hmm... I once worked with a gorgeous guy whose secret vice was The Bold and The Beautiful. :-D But I intend to use that one, so hands off! ;-)

  13. Oh, B&B! That's my secret indulgence, too! I even have a special mug to drink my tea from - it's a B&B mug with Brooke and Stephanie. Ooooh, hurry up and use it! I love that. But that gives me an idea. Maybe Dear Hero could have a fascination for Charlie's Angels, or Knight Rider! Or Miami Vice! Or - is this TMI? Is my 'hooked-on-80's-TV' disorder showing?