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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Golden Heart/RITA® Awards

What can I say about the most amazing week of the year so far other than WOW! To all my fellow-Unsinkables finalists, congratulations, and I'm so glad I got to meet so many of you!

To win a Golden Heart® (in the paranormal romance section) for BLOODBORN - Bk1 in the Light Blade series was truly a great honour and deeply moving. I'm still pinching myself!

A mega-thank you to everyone who rang or emailed me with congrats or posted their woo-hoo's on the various e-loops I'm a part of - it's what makes being a part of three incredible organisations - RWOZ, RWNZ, RWA - so, so, so special.

Here's a few photos from the night for those of you who couldn't be there.

Just as I reached the podium there was a distinctive "Aussie, Aussie, Aussie" from the left side of the audience. The timing was perfect - it helped me relax and not sound like a complete dweeb as I made my speech. Thank you to those Aussies - you know who you are! :-)

The lights were so bright you couldn't see the 2000+ strong audience (thank goodness - it was nerve racking enough!).

 There were four huge 7m high Jumbotron screens placed around the room - just so everyone could see how much you were shaking and trembling behind the podium!

Exit stage left, careful descending the five steps to the floor and then smile! at the professional photographer for posterity before stumbling back to your seat.

Sometime after midnight, the Aussies and NZ'ers celebrated in the lobby.
(From L to R: Naini Singh, me, Trudi & Erica Hayes)

Well after midnight we celebrated, as all good writers do with fries, Kit Kats & milk!


  1. Congratulations, Kylie! Your speech was perfect. I'm so glad you made the trip. Good luck with your writing career. I know it's going to be stellar.

  2. Great photos, Kylie!
    Looks like you had a blast!
    Tam :)

  3. Congrats on the wonderful win, Kylie! Your presenter was last year's Paranormal winner Darynda Jones, who sold at auction in a huge three-book deal, and has her first book, First Grave on the Right, coming out next February. May her good fortune be passed right along to you!!

  4. Fantastic photos, Kylie. Congratulations on such a wonderful achievement! I'm so glad you got to share the moment with your friends (nothing like a bunch of Aussies chanting you on, is there? Lol).

    :-) Mon

  5. Congrats!!!

    A global level win, good for you. The USA conference looks huge. Ever onward and upward.

    Still dodging Lancelot, boy that guy can hold a grudge.



    word verification factabia......... lol

  6. Sandra! Thanks for popping in! It's good to hear from you and so glad Lancelot hasn't routed you yet! LOL

  7. Yay, Kylie!! A huge congratulations on such a wonderful win. Wear that Heart with pride :-)

  8. Kylie - I am so proud of you - well done and I can't wait to give you a congrats hug in Sydney next week.

  9. Hi Kylie,
    Congratulations. I'd really like to read this bloody book. It's got to be good!


  10. Kylie, so glad you got to ride that high wiht some of your Aussie and NZ mates, looks like you girls had a fantastic time!

  11. Hey, Kylie! Congratulations on an absolutely brilliant achievement!! With your CV there has to be a contract in the pipeline for you soon! We want to hold a Kylie Griffin in our hot little hands!

    I'm looking forward to seeing your gorgeous heart shaped bling!


  12. Kylie, it's so absolutely fabulous that you have the Golden Heart (I can't wait to see it at conference). You looked lovely and it's great that the Aussie contingent helped you get into your speech. You looked like you had a ball, and I'm so glad you could make it.

  13. Cool photos. Can't wait to see your necklace in real life at conference!!

  14. Kylie - it was a magical night and Clarissa is right, your speech was perfect. Congratulations on bringing the necklace home to Australia - I'm sure she will fit right it. Hope to hear soon when we can get our hands on a copy of the winning MS in a bookstore nearby! Hugs and cheers from Washington, DC. May this be the first win of many!

  15. Kylie,
    Such an elegant speech! You Captured the Magic in fine fashion. Congrats! Enjoy the ride and let us know when that sale comes along.


  16. Thanks, everyone. The trip was fantastic, I regret now not going a little earlier but "thems the breaks" (and finances dictate).
    It was great meeting so many of the 2010 Unsinkables, and for anyone who didn't go to conference there was so much to do it was hard to choose.
    All reassurance about my speech is accepted with relief (I don't remember much about it to be honest - shell-shocked would be a good word to apply to that period of time) - :-)

  17. Well done Kylie!! I am so happy for you!
    Love Tegan (c;

  18. Thanks Tegan, it's been an overwhelming week and there's been so much support and encouragement from everyone.

  19. So glad you made the trip to pick up your Golden Heart. It was awesome to see you there !


  20. Hey, Angi! It was great meeting you and so many others after months of only seeing names on emails! Can't wait to do it again - must start saving!