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Monday, April 25, 2011

GUEST AUTHOR: Anna Campbell

Please welcome, Avon historical romance author, Anna Campbell to the blog.

Hiya Kylie! Thank you so much for having me as your guest today on your blog. By the way, can’t wait for your book VENGEANCE BORN to hit the shelves! (Thanks, I can't wait either!)
For those who don't know you (the remaining few :-D ), can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a fellow Aussie. I live on Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast about an hour north of the state capital Brisbane. I write historical romance full-time which is a dream come true for me. I like walks in the rain and dancing at midnight and long chats by the fireside and I’m a Virgo and… Oh, sorry, forgot where I was for a moment!

(A match making service - now there's an interesting sideline for a romance writer...hmm, I might look into that! LOL Thanks for the idea, Anna!)

OK, let's get back to the interview proper. Anna, when did you start to write and how long did it take you to be published?
I’ve always been a book addict. If you saw my TBR pile right now, you’d know that’s never changed. It seemed natural to make the transition from consumer to producer. My mother very proudly kept an essay I wrote in grade two where I said I was going to be the next Enid Blyton (the writer I obsessed about at the time – she’s had many worthy successors in my personal pantheon!).

I started my first attempt at a novel (another EB clone!) shortly afterwards. I fiddled around with various stories, not finishing anything long, until after high school, when I completed a medieval. I count my attempts to be published from that - it was 27 years after finishing that book that I was signed to Avon in New York in a three-book contract after an auction.

Are you a pantster, scener, or plotter? Is it your characters or plot that influence you most? What’s your writing process from start to finish when writing a book?
Definitely a pantser! I wish I was a plotter because I think it’s a more efficient way of writing, but I’m just not. My plot tends to arise out of the conflicts between my characters.

Generally I’ll get a germ of an idea while I’m working on something else. That sets up residence at the back of my brain and if it’s a good idea, it’s magnetic and it draws other ideas to it that start to coagulate into the seeds of a novel.

Once I finish a book, I generally don’t start the new story for a little while. I’ll write a short story or do some promo or something else to clear out the old ghosts and wait for the new people to take up residence. Then I start to write – to begin a book, I need a vivid opening scene, my hero and heroine (sometimes a villain too) and a BIG problem. The rest of the story grows organically from there.

I work on a daily page count and just keep plugging away until I get to the end. Usually at that stage, I have a sprawling, completely unreadable first draft. Then I go back and polish and polish and polish until it’s ready to go to my editor.

USA cover
This week is an excitng week for you - can you tell us about your latest release?
MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION (Avon Books/HarperCollins Australia) is out on 26th April in America and on 1st May in Australia and New Zealand. For local readers, you should find it at KMart, Big W, Target and wherever good books are sold (as they say in the classics)!

It’s the closest I’ve come to writing a classic Regency romance and has definite touches of Cinderella. The Marquess of Ranelaw is set on revenge but finds himself stymied by spirited, mysterious chaperone Antonia Smith. Both of these characters are smart and wary and bear wounds from their past, and both know better than to fall in love. But of course they do!

You can read an excerpt at: http://www.annacampbell.info/wildpassion.html

And for all your readers, I'm sure they're hanging out to know what’s next for you. What are you working on?
I’m having a wonderful time doing a very sexy, gothic take on the Beauty and the Beast story. There’s something so invigorating writing a cranky male who’s about to get his comeuppance!

I know you always have some great advice to share with unpubbed writers. Do you have any handy tips/craft skills you’d like to share?
Yes, ignore all the noise around you and WRITE!!!! It’s always easy to be distracted from your work but it’s even harder now – and believe me, I speak from experience, LOL! But you need to do the work, that always has to be paramount.

Thanks so much for answering my questions, Anna, it's been wonderful having you here today - and to top it all off, she has a bonus to finish with...Anna?

OK, guys, I’ve got a signed copy of MIDNIGHT’S WILD PASSION up for grabs to someone who comments today. You now know where I live. Tell me something about where you live! (Contest ends 6pm, Friday, 29th April 2011 - Aussie time). Good luck!

Anna's other books:
(including the Aust./NZ cover of MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION)

If you'd like to find out more about Anna, she has a website, and you can find her on her Facebook page.


  1. Hi Anna and Kylie!
    And my goodness you have been busy Anaa - I have lots of catch up reading to do!!!
    And nice to see another virgo pantser - you'd think we'd have the plotting thing down pat wouldn't you!!
    I live up the road from you Anna *waves* so not much to tell except when's the next lunch??? LOL!

  2. Hi Kylie and Anna
    Anna already knows how much I love her work, cos I stalk her everywhere!!!!!
    LOL, not really, okay maybe just a little bit ;p
    I cant wait to read Midnights Wild Passion, I just know its going to be another fantastic book!!
    And Beauty and the Beast is my all time favorite fairy tale so I'm loving that your next book is a new take on it, you have a golden touch when it comes to writing!!
    Thanks Anna and Kylie for the great interview :]

  3. Hey Mel, you're up bright and early - guess the ANZAC dawn service will do that for many Aussies today! LOL

    Cath, Anna does write powerful romances, eh? I'm not much of an historical romance reader but she's one author I have on my select historical romance bookshelf! My favourite to date is UNTOUCHED.

  4. Anna's books are definitely keepers!!!

    I should tell you something about where I live so I have a chance to win the book eh?!!!

    I live in the very small rural township of Onewhero on the west coast of the North Island, New Zealand. Our house is a 100+yr old villa surrounded by fields that pumpkins and butternut squash are currently being harvested from. So we've had LOTS of pumpkin soup just recently!!!!

  5. Cath,

    Pumpkin soup - yummo!

    I make a mean "Everything AND Pumpkin Soup" - pumpkin, zucchini, carrot, potato, onion, bacon, pepper, cream in a bacon bone stock. Great to have on a cold winter's day. Hmm mmm!

    Off food - I live in a small rural village so I know where you're coming from, Cath!

    Onewhero sounds lovely. One of my treats each year is to go over for the RWNZ writers conference, hire a car and travel to parts of NZ afterwards for 2-3 weeks. I've done heaps of the North Island. I'm going to have to look up Onewhero! Haven't been there yet.

  6. What can I say Anna, you have visited my home town recently for the ARRA convention. The views from the hotel would of been breathtaking. Bondi Beach in early autumn, well any time really are postcard perfect. I was born in Queensland but have to admit I love how cosmopolitan Sydney has become, always something happening and enough wide open spaces so you can still get away from it all without too much trouble. Looking forward to your newest book, I know it will be brilliant as always.

  7. Ooh, Mel, LUNCH? What a great idea! We'll have to get one organised. Speaking of lunch, I'm taking my English visitors to the Boat Shed at Maroochydore for dinner - yum! My favorite restaurant on the Coast.

    It's always fun to see the covers lined up, isn't it? Reminds us we haven't been twiddling our thumbs!

    Yeah, we Virgos should be plotters from way back but it just doesn't work for me. If I've already told myself the story, I can't get up any oomph when I'm writing the book.

  8. Hi Cath! Waving across the ditch! Rainy here on the supposed Sunshine Coast today for Anzac Day. Thanks for swinging by. Tuesday is D-Day for Midnight. Not that I'm counting or anything!

    BATB is one of my favorites too. I was actually surprised when MWP took the Cinderella route. With maybe a brush from the Ugly Duckling's feather.

    Thanks for saying such lovely things. x

  9. Congratulations. You are such a hard worker. An inspiration for your slack NSWelshmen down south who are currently sitting on the lounge in front of a fire doing nothing.

  10. Hi Anna & Kylie,
    Great interview. I recently read 3 of Anna's books and now I'm hooked! I live in Perth. Sun, sand, Kings Park and a pretty laid back way of life, lol.

  11. Hey, Kylie, I didn't know that about your keeper shelf - THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! That means a lot. UNTOUCHED is a book that, ahem, touched a lot of readers (yeah, I can't resist a pun!). Something about Matthew really seemed to strike a chord with people - I've had some amazing mail about that story.

  12. Hi Anna and Kylie,

    Thought that I would drop you a quick comment before I go off to bed.

    I live in Boca Raton, Florida which is about an hour north of Miami and 45 mins south of West Palm Beach where "The Donald" (Trump that is)lives. Boca Raton is where the Chris Evett Tennis Academy is. I don't think that it's famous for anything else apart from a lovely place for all the snow birds to flock to and winter here.

    Anna, you know that I adore your books and, I can't wait to read MWP. Off to bed now, so wish you lots of fun blogging today (tonight here).

  13. Cath, that sounds absolutely idyllic. Although I suspect the weather can be a tad wild at times. As you know, I visited NZ for the first time at the end of last year and I absolutely adored it. Hope I get back there before too long.

  14. Kylie, I'm get to make a NZ conference. One day!

  15. Whoo Hoo Hi Ladies
    Great interview have I told you lately how much I am looking forward to reading this new one Anna and wow the next one sounds awesome as well.

    I live in the western suburbs of Sydney and have done all my life it is very multi cultural
    and very interesting at times.

    Congrats on the release

    Have Fun

  16. Hey, thanks, Sue! I LOVE how Sydney's CBD is so close to those beautiful beaches. The RWOz conference at Coogee last August was pretty special too. I lived in Sydney for 11 years and just loved it - Potts Point which has gone from being pretty rundown to being very chichi these days. I hope it's not JUST because I moved out ;-)I love living on the Sunshine Coast but I must say I miss the buzz of life in Sydney - so much going on! Do you actually live in Bondi? If so, lucky you!!!!!

  17. well first off thanks for the opportunity to win a copy of your book :) I live in the foothills of North Carolina. I love the country life and being surrounded by nature which is what I have where I live. The closest city is 15 minutes away and has a whopping 3 red lights lol. Hope to win!

    my email is shhaunna@live.com thanks again!

  18. Ooh, Cathleen, that sounds like fun. Actually I've just had a week off from the writing. I've got English friends staying and we've been playing tourist. Visited places in the Sunshine Coast hinterland that I haven't seen for years - I'd forgotten quite how beautiful it is up there. Enjoy your lazy day!!!!

  19. Hi Anna, Hello Kylie,

    Another of Anna's stalker's here! I loved MY RECKLESS SURRENDER and am looking forward to adding more of Anna's books to my shelves when it becomes available here.

    Where I live, you get sun all year around, sand and sea all around...yep, you could say Paradise, but the serpent? Can't get new release books and no author signings!

  20. SC, thank you so much for saying such great things about the books. I'm delighted you like them so much!!!! Well, I would be, woudln't I? LOL! I love Perth. I was lucky enough to have a couple of longish work placements there about ten years ago so I got to see quite a lot of the place. LOVE the Swan River. LOVE Rottnest. LOVE Kings Park. I could go on. The upshot is it's a lovely city!

  21. Hey, thanks, Diane! Kylie and I are old buddies so it's always fun to guest on her blog. I visited Florida for the first time last year - went to Orlando for the Romance Writers of America conference which was fun. Where I live reminded me a lot of Florida - similar vegetation although we have a line of quite rugged hills not far back from the coast whereas Florida seems pretty flat geographically.

  22. Helen, Sydney in general is pretty interesting! I'd love to come back to your local library again and do a talk. That was such fun! Thanks for saying you're looking forward to the new book. NOT LONG NOW!!!!! N

  23. Ooh, Sha, that sounds lovely. I've stayed with my friend Jeanne Adams outside Washington DC a couple of times and we've done a bit of driving around the east coast. Beautiful part of the world when you're out in the country. Good luck in the draw!

  24. Nas, I'd happily do an author signing in Fiji. I'm willing to suffer all that beautiful scenery and weather just to keep my readers happy. LOL! Hey, LOVE my stalkers. Maybe we should have a party one day! And you can all stalk me carrying cake and champagne! Thanks for saying you loved MRS. Hope you love MWP too.

  25. Hey Anna! Greetings from Kentucky in the US. Hope you have great release days this week! I know you have got to be excited. I am so jelous about the covers in Aust/NZ. They are so beautiful. The ones in the US are beautiful too but I love MWP Aust. cover.

  26. Oh, reading about everyone's lovely places just has me hankering to give the ol' passport a work out and go travelling again! If only the bank balance could match the level of my desire - sigh.

    G'day, to all all of Anna's USA readers! Like Anna, I visited Florida last year to attend the RWA conference, and (despite the oppressive humidity!) I loved the geography of the area. I particularly liked the hanging moss I saw on all your trees! First time seeing that! And it was so nice to experience summer (as it was winter in Oz at that time). I love the warmer weather!

    Anna's covers are all so different, aren't they? I've seen all versions of the US and Aust/NZ ones and just can't decide which I like best!

    It's also wonderful to read about the great places we have here in Oz. I spent quite a bit of my childhood (over the summer Christmas holidays) near where you live now, Anna.

    My grandparents lived in Southport and I had rello's living in Springbrook, behind in the hinterland of the Gold Coast.

    So I had access to the best of both worlds - the beaches and waterways (Pop used to take us fishing in his tinny - aluminium boat) and then we'd all go up into the mountains for a picnic on my great uncle's farm (which he'd also converted into an historic tourist attraction with old buildings and antiques of days gone by - it was a bit like a reconstructed village of times gone by).

    Nan and my Aunty Kerry would take us shopping to Pacific Fair or the whole lot of us would tromp off to Dreamworld, SeaWorld, Wet'n'Wild, the Currumbin Bird Sanctuary or one of the many other tourist parks in the area.

    Lots of fun memories of time spent holidaying on the Gold Coast.

  27. Kylie, you did a great job with this interview with Anna. I always wondered how she developed her stories and Anna I love that you make your stories about the conflict between the characters.

    I live in Rhode Island in the USA. We are the smallest state (if you drive more than 40 miles your out of the state) but we have a lot of coastline on the ocean. I live on a lake but we are only 2 miles from some of the best beaches in the country. From the beginning of our country we've been known for our independent nature and our rogues!

    Anna, I always love your opening scenes and that the conflict between the characters is right at the beginning of your books. I can't wait to read the next book that your working on - maybe I'll learn some tips to use on my cranky husband!

  28. June, I've been really lucky with the covers I've had. Both in the US and in Australia. I love how the Aussies stuck very much to the gothic look that they established with the first couple of books. But on the other hand, I love the really romantic feel of the My Reckless Surrender cover and this one. Can't choose really! Definitely excited about the release on Tuesday!

  29. Oh, Kylie, your post brought back such memories. We always had our family holidays on the Gold Coast when I was a kid. Just to orient our overseas visitors, the Sunshine Coast where I live now is about an hour north of Brisbane, the Gold Coast is about an hour south. Both feature beautiful beaches although the Gold Coast is more 'developed' than the Sunshine Coast. Quite glitzy, parts of it. I loved the hinterland. Mount Tamborine and Natural Arch were both popular places for family picnics. Loved the lorikeets at the Bird Sanctuary! We stayed in a motel near there once - and I mean ONCE! The noise of thousands of lorikeets greeting the sunrise at 4am was too much even for my early-rising family!

  30. Jeanne, thank you so much for saying how much you enjoyed the blog. I thought Kylie asked some really interesting and different questions. That's our Kylie - interesting and different, LOL!

    I'd LOVE to visit Rhode Island one day. Where you live sounds lovely. Love all the history you have there. One day!

    Laughed at my books helping you with your husband. Uh, not so sure about that, LOL!

  31. Hi Anna and Kylie!

    Something about where I live??? Okay..... I live in the rural area of Darwin, called Humpty Doo. Nope. I’m not kidding! Out here, we have the wonderful wide open spaces of the desert in the dry season and in the wet... well let me tell you, the lightning displays Mother Nature showcases are AMAZING! We have a creek running through our property with ‘snapping handbags’ patrolling the banks, looking for one of the cattle to wonder a little too close. But all in all it’s a wonderful, peaceful place to live and I can’t imagine living anywhere else.

    Anna, I doubt you will remember this but I wanted to tell you anyway... About a year ago, I read the blurb and expert of ‘My Reckless Surrender’ and told you I’d never read an historical and was going to start after reading that short snippet. Well, guess what? Now all I practically read is historicals!! You got me hocked girl! My husband reckons we shock take out shares in Avon. *sighs* He does enjoy teasing me so. *wink*

  32. Wow, Tegan, you make it all come alive. It sounds really spectacular! I've actually heard of Humpty Doo - it's such an unusual name, isn't it?

    Ooh, I got you hooked on historicals? My work is done! Seriously, thank you for letting me know. I do indeed remember our conversation - so glad you've discovered the wonderful world of men in boots! ;-)

  33. Oh, how cool, I can now see Anna developing "The Wife's Guide to Cranky & Disgruntled Husbands"!

    Jeanne,I'm glad you enjoyed this interview - Anna is such fun to interview. It was hard to keep the questions to a manageable minimum. She generously shares such a wealth of information. Conference time is so dangerous because we can sit and chat for hours!

    Thanks for telling me about Rhode Island. As much as I've travelled the US I have to admit I drew a blank as to your location and had to go dig out a map and find you. You're only a hop, skip and jump from Lock Haven PA where I spent half a year completing my teaching degree!

    Tegan, Humpty Doo I've heard of and it sounds fantastic - I love watching storms build and come over. Nature is awesome, eh? And your snapping handbags made me laugh! (crocodiles for those not in the know). It's been a while since I heard that label used. Do you know how Humpty Doo came to get its name?

    Anna, how cool that you've hooked another to the historical romance genre! Woohoo! And I loved your label for HR - "men in boots", hmm I can see a movie being called that!

  34. Humpty Doo is without a doubt a different name. You should hear the pause I get from telemarketers when I order the latest ‘Slap Chopper’ or whatever their selling that day at 3am when I ring to order. *grin*

    Where the name comes from is a thing of debate among us Territory foke. The one I personally think holds the most truth is they say the name is a derivation from "Umpty Dumpty" - meaning upside down, back to front or just chaotic. The origin lies in the disused Australian slang term "umpty-doo", which means intoxicated or topsy turvy. If you are every up these ways make sure you stop in at the Humpty Doo Hotel. That is a sure old Australian Pub, which will have you believing us a bunch of drunks! In fact, check out this link on you tube. It will surly make you laugh!

    Link: http://youtu.be/oaC_TCf788c

  35. LOL - Daniel was certainly game walking into the pub wearing that man skirt but I suspect it might take a while for the newest fashion to take off in any outback Aussie pub.

    Thanks for sharing the name origins and the link, Tegan!

  36. Yeah the weather does get pretty wild here Anna...we've had a few windows cur-come to flying branches and even a feral turkey once flew through the bay window in the lounge!!!

    Its been a typical wet and wild Easter Monday here...but no power cuts (as yet!!)
    We had a lovely Dawn service at the local war memorial hall though for ANZAC Day.

    Loved your previous Anzac blog post too Kylie...that's a very moving poem.

  37. Hello! Great interview! :) I love Anna's books so I am looking forward to this one too! :)

    I live in Toronto, Canada. Everyone complains about the winters here. It doesn't snow everyday but it sure feels like it sometimes during winter. We have been pretty lucky this year and March was really mild and actually felt like spring for once!

    Either than the awful weather during winters, Toronto is actually pretty nice. There are area where the scenary is quite nice and there are places where you can do lots of shopping. The only thing that I can complain about is that I wish there are more bookstores....

  38. Kylie, I've got to say I'm a sucker for Regency fashions - what can I say? ;-) Hey, cool about the teaching place in PA! I didn't know that. And thanks for saying this was fun to do - I thoroughly enjoyed it too!

  39. Tegan, I had to laugh. I've always thought Humpty Doo was something in the local Aboriginal language like, yanno, Wollongong or Geebung! Loved the clip - that guy was on the verge of being lynched! Brave fellow!

  40. Oh, no, to the turkey, Cath! That would have made you sit up and take notice! We had a rainy start here but then it fined up in the afternoon which was lovely. I was going out to dinner to my favorite restaurant on the Maroochy River for my friends' last night with me (and to celebrate Midnight's Wild Passion hitting the stands tomorrow). And we had a beautiful sunset over the hills to watch. What was lovely was that MWP was actually born when I had a weekend at Maroochydore and I was walking along the beach. The opening scene of Ranelaw stalking into the ball like a tiger on the prowl came to me pretty much complete there.

  41. May, thank you for saying you love the books. Always lovely to hear! Toronto sounds lovely - I've always had a yen to visit Canada. I think there's a real affinity between Aussies and Canadians (although you tend to be more polite than we are, snort!). Glad your winter wasn't too bad. I've got friends along the US Eastern seabord and they had an AWFUL winter.

  42. Cath, OMGoodness on the flying turkey - I bet he did some damage. I've had two ducks take out my headlight so I know something bigger through glass would be horrendous!

    And the "For the Fallen" poem is touching isn't it? Makes you connect with the fact that "real" people served and died for us, not just nameless soldiers. It really impacts when you think about it.

    May, I've only been to Lake Erie and Niagara Falls parts of Canada (Spring Break with a friend who lived near Lake Erie) and your country remains on my wishlist of places to visit one day. I did love visiting your side of the falls - it was a winter wonderland - spectacular!

    Anna, it's lovely to hear you still celebrate your book release milestones. I wonder if multi-multi-published authors ever get tired of that sort of celebration? I hope not. Here's to you celebrating many more!

  43. Kylie, I have a strong suspicion the thrill never dies ;-)

  44. Hi Anna and Kylie
    I think the cover for your new release MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION might just be my favourite of all of your wonderful books! I can't wait to get engrossed in the passionate world of your new characters. Do any of the characters from your previous books get to step on stage for a guest appearance in your new book?

  45. Kandy, this one's completely stand alone - even Perry's house doesn't feature ;-) Thanks for saying you love the cover - I do too!

  46. Hi Anna and Kylie!
    Lovely interview! Anna, I completely hear you on being a pantser who'd like to channel some plotter! Flying off in to the mist is wonderful and exciting but it can mean some detours down no-through roads! Still I must say that an Anna Campbell book is always an exciting journey! Congratulations on the release of Midnight's Wild Passion - the excerpt is fabulous and I can't wait to get my hands on my copy!

    I've been camping for the weekend but I'm in town tomorrow so I hope the book shop has been very efficient and got them on the shelf - or else!

    Where I live is gorgeous at the moment and today is a perfect autumn day. We've been busy in the garden so the towering gums are standing sentinel to a very tidy yard! I wonder how long it'll stay that way! Enthusiastic gardeners, we're not!


  47. Hey, Sharon, lovely to see you. Beautifully put - being a pantser is exciting but dangerous! And sometimes the risks don't pay off in terms of efficiency. Thanks so much for saying you're looking forward to Midnight. It's available at Dymocks stores around the place - people keep sending me photos, bless them! It's turning into Where's Wally! LOL! Hope the camping was fun! I know where you live and it's gorgeous and this is a lovely time of year there in far south-eastern Australia.

  48. OK, guys, SERIOUSLY exciting news. The lovely folk at Avon are giving away a gorgeous set of real opal jewelry to mark the release of MIDNIGHT'S WILD PASSION. Check out this link: http://apps.facebook.com/avonromance/Giveaways/

  49. Hi Kandy and Sharon!

    Sharon, I think last time I heard from you, you and DH were off on a camping trip somewhere! You guys sure get around! LOL

    And WOW, Anna! What a link - zipping over there to take a gander right now! Thanks for letting us know.

  50. Fantastic chat as always with Anna! Can't wait to read MWP - Anna writes such gorgeous heroes!

    I live in beautiful North Queensland and we spent Easter exploring the Atherton Tablelands to the west of Cairns - chilly morning, drizzling rain and stunning rainbows - what more could I ask for!

  51. Helene, so glad to hear some normalcy has returned in your neck of the woods after TC Yasi. Did you beach get busy over Easter?

  52. Hi Kylie, hi Anna! Nice interview, ladies and can I say how impressed I was with the display of AC titles - wow! You're building up quite a backlist.

    Still smiling at the idea of you branching into a matchmaking service, Kylie. Now that WOULD be interesting.

    Love the sound of the opal jewellery giveaway, Anna. How cool is that?

    I just wanted to add that 'Midnight's Wild Passion' is one of my fave Anna Campbell books to date. I love the deeply emotional twist you put on the more traditional regency romance, the sense of danger and high stakes as well as the way h&h have a relationship, for much of the time under the nose of 'society' - which adds extra spice. So satisfying! You know I'm already looking forward to the next one.

  53. Kylie, I'm really stoked about the opal prize. What a fabulous giveaway!

  54. Helene, I did a coach tour to the Atherton Tablelands about ten years ago. What a beautiful part of the world. Remember Millaa Millaa Falls in particular - they looked like a child's drawing of a waterfall! So lovely. Thanks for saying such nice things about the book!

  55. Annie, thank you so much for that lovely description of Midnight. I remember being so pleased when you loved it so much when you read it in a fairly rough version well before it was published. Yeah, Kylie's matchmaking service will be a great hit, I'm sure! ;-)

  56. Wow, you guys have talked up a storm, haven't you? I'm so late arriving I hope you aren't all talked out!

    Thanks for another great interview Kylie and Anna. I have to admit to being an "Untouched" fan myself, althought it is a difficult choice to pick a fav!

    I'm on the south coast of NSW, in a little village that is busy at tourist time and quiet other times. I usually hide in tourist (or terrorist) season!


  57. Hiya Cath! Love the south coast of NSW. So beautiful! Hey, cool you're an Untouched fan! Yeah, we've been busy waiting for you, hon!

  58. Annie, it must be pretty cool getting to read Anna's work in its early stages and then seeing just how much it changes (or not) before it goes to print.

    And your tantalising description of MWP has me intrigued and wishing the postman would hurry with my copy so I can see what you mean!

    Hey, if this author-gig doesn't work out I might HAVE to open up a match-making service! LOL

    Hi, Cath, you're not late and welcome to the discussion. We've just had a wave of terrorists...umm, I mean tourists scoot through here. Every Easter we have a music festival at a property near here and all the gray nomads descend. You'd look up and there would be another 10 caravans on the road or parked near the general store getting fuel.

  59. Kylie, my work in its early stages is not a pretty sight. Annie's too polite to say so, but believe me, it's true! Hope you get MWP soon!!!!

    Kylie, what sort of music do they play in the festival?

  60. Anna, the "Hartwood" festival originally used to play a lot of country and western but now it's branched out into jazz/easy listening. It's still a bit like going to the country music festival in Tamworth, only in minature.

  61. Oh, I wondered when you said Grey Nomads. Couldn't quite picture them turning up to Nine Inch Nails or AC/DC. ;-)