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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Australia Day!

It's Australia Day!

For those unfamiliar with this special day, it's the official national day of Australia where we commemorate the establishment of first settlement in Sydney.

On this day, in 1788, 11 convict ships arrived from Great Britain and Captain Arthur Phillip raised the Union Jack, declaring Australia as a British Colony (if you'd like to read a more comprehensive history of this day, use this link).

Over time though, it's evolved into celebrating what's great about Australia and being Australian. All our states and territories now have an official public holiday where we reflect on our achievements, big and small, and usually mark it with some sort of official local community ceremony where the contributions of individuals and community organisation are recognised.

And, of course, most Aussies can't let Australia Day slip by with some sort of water sports, a barbie and a beer or two.

My childhood (and not so childhood memories) fondly include the following activities to celebrate Australia Day... :-)

A backyard barbie - steak, snags and maybe a prawn or three...
A game of backyard cricket with the neighbourhood kids or cousins...

An esky of the beverage of your choice, I remember it being beer or shandies for my family.

Again, being Summer, the obligatory packet of melted Tim Tams were a must!
The good old Slip n'Slide!

If you didn't have a pool or couldn't get to the beach, the sprinkler was just as good!

Being summer time, thongs were the footwear of choice!
And finding out who won Aussie of the Year - 2013 it's Ita Buttrose

This year I'm celebrating quietly, no family get-together, but I think I might duck up to the pub for a shandy with the locals.
A shandy
(Shandies are a combination of beer and lemonade, although I do like mine heavy on the lemonade. Quiet refreshing on a hot Summer day.)

For the Aussies among us, what are your Australia Day memories?

For the non-Aussies, what day do you consider your official national day, and what do you do to commemorate it?


  1. I'm fond of shandies, although in Ireland, we tend to think of them as being on the weak side. I suppose that's because hard drinking is so common there....


    1. The shandies I have, Maria, are more soft drink than beer, and yes, here in Oz they're also considered a weak drink. Like Ireland, most Aussies enjoy drinking. :-)

  2. Hi Kylie,
    I always associate Australia Day with fireworks and music. Every year one of the local Perth radio stations puts on a 30 minute fireworks display on the Swan River set to music. People line the riverbanks and Kings Park, have picnics etc and watch the show. Always good fun.