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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Erica's Bio
Erica Hayes. That's me. Author of the Shadowfae Chronicles.

I live in the luckiest country in the world. I've done law student, air force officer, editorial assistant and musician. And now I have the best job in the world -- imagining.

In my stories, magic and wonder abounds. But the mortal world is an enchanted place too, if you know how to look. I've laughed atop the Great Wall, sported with the gargoyles at Notre Dame and gazed up awestruck at the Great Pyramid. Let me share that sense of wonder with you.

Just because you don't see it right away doesn't mean it's not there. So laugh under the stars. Dance in the rain. Howl at the moon. You never know who's watching.

Stringer Literary Agency represent my writing to the world.

Now that you've read Erica's bio, here's her interview!

Who is Erica Hayes?
Well, that’d be me :) I live in Newcastle, and I write dark, sexy urban fantasy/romance. At the moment, I’m on holidays in France. It’s a tough life.

Who influenced you or what appeals to you about this genre?
I love the action, as well as the romance. And I like to explore the dark and dingy side of magical.

Share a bit about your next release, where can we buy it?
My new book is called POISON KISSED. It’s a story of unrequited passion, betrayal and revenge — but also of redemption.

It’s out today, September 28 (yay!) and in Australia you can get it (for now) at specialist romance and fantasy stores. You can read about it at my website: http://www.shadowfae.net/poisonkissed.html

Tell us a bit about the hero/heroine.
The heroine, Mina, is a banshee, and in my world that means ‘kick-ass’ — she’s got a lethal voice, a toxic kiss and whip-smart fighting skills. She works as a a gang enforcer for her boss, Joey, on whom she’s had a desperate crush since he saved her life years ago. But Joey is cold to her, and she’s convinced she’ll never be good enough for him. Her deepest desire — apart from Joey’s love — is to hunt down and kill her mother’s murderer.

Joey’s a snake-shifter, and he loves and loathes his creature in equal measure. He’s chilly and standoffish with Mina, reluctant to let her close in case his gang rivals use her against him, and because he fears she’ll shrink away from the monster inside him.

Their relationship is tense, passionate and angry. They fight a lot, but they can barely keep their hands off each other. And that’s just in the first few chapters :)

What’s next for you?
I’ve written book #4 in the series, entitled BLOOD CURSED, which should be out early in 2011. So I’m cooking up ideas for book #5, and I’m working on a new space opera story.

Where to now?
I’m doing a blog tour over the next couple of weeks. Tonight Aussie time (28 Sept) I’m at Bitten By Books and on Thursday I’m at Sidhe Vicious.

Big thanks to Kylie for hosting me on her blog today :) 

It's been a pleasure, E.!

Beyond the veil of magic, a fairy otherworld pulses with glamour and dark beauty... It's a place where passions run deep and dark and death is just one kiss away...

Mina is a banshee whose greatest power lies in her siren song. She's beholden to her boss Joey, a snake-shifter who once saved her life and now employs her as a gang enforcer. She refuses to upset the fragile balance between them by admitting that she longs for him, that his embrace is the only thing she craves more than revenge for her mother's death...

When Mina learns that Joey may have been involved in her mother's murder, fury threatens to spill out of her, note by vicious note. She and Joey have always trusted each other to stay alive, but now she's not sure what to believe. The evidence stacked against him — or the one man who haunts her dreams and burns in her blood... 

Now, as an extra bonus and very cool thing, Erica is giving away a copy of POISON KISSED. To be in the running leave a comment about the interview and good luck. Winner will be announced 10th October on this blog.

 (*PLEASE NOTE: Erica's on holiday in France, so the winner of her POISON KISSED give-away will have to wait until she comes home - around Oct.17th -  for her to post it to them.) 

Want to find out more about Erica? Visit her website! 


Book 2
Book 1


  1. Poison Kissed has got an amazing cover-congratulations!

    I think it's so cool Mina is a banshee. I don't know much about them, and have never seen them used as a heroine. It's exciting to see the series looks pretty open-ended.

  2. Happy release day! I guess you'll be celebrating with French champagne in France. Enjoy.

  3. Hi Gillian! Congrats on your finalling in the Ruby Slippered Sisterhood GH contest, and thanks for dropping in!

    Erica has had some amazing covers, eh? I love the tone they set. It's interesting that the publisher has gone for a different look on POISON KISSED. I like it but I also thought Books 1 & 2 stood out on the shelf, drew the eye etc.

    I do know E. explained the reasoning behind the change but I've forgotten (blame Alzeheimers).

    Hi Janni - fantastic you could visit! I certainly think Erica is celebrating with a bottle or two in France. :-) And she'll get to do it twice when it's released in the southern hemisphere!

  4. Definitely blessed by the cover fairy. Can't wait to read poison kissed, I loved the first two!

    Bec Skrabl

  5. Hey Bec, Erica certainly has a unique concept in her world-building and voice - can see why she won the VPA a couple of years ago!

  6. Hi Erica & Kylie,
    Yes, what a hard life, holidaying in France and using your imagination to pay the bills ;)
    I'm a bit behind, am just starting the second book, shadowglass, but look forward to getting to Poison Kissed eventually.
    Hope you have a smooth trip back to Oz!

  7. Jess, some of us have to do the hard yards (LOL - TIC). Glad you're enjoying the Shadowfae Chronicles!

  8. Hey Erica and Kylie,

    Super sexy banshee with an utterly gorgeous cover? Oooh, snake shifter, you say? Hot, hot, hot! You just know I'm getting myself some of that. ;) Thanks for another groovy interview, Kylie and congrats on the new release Miss Erica. Hope you're full of wine and cheese right now.

  9. Hi Erica and Kylie!
    That third book looks so great, can't wait to read it - I love the fact they characters are 'out there' =)

  10. Jo, I have to admit when I read E had a snake-shifter there was an automatic "no way is that sexy" thought, real knee-jerker, then I read more about him and while I'm not 100% convinced what I've read is altering my opinion *LOL*.

    Mel, E. sure does have a way with character, no argument there! :-)

    Thanks for dropping in ladies!

  11. Hi everyone :) thanks for coming by, and thanks to Kylie for hosting me on her blog! I'm so excited to have this book finally hit shelves - seems like it's been a long time on the way, and it's kind of my favourite...

    Yes, I'm stuffed with wine and cheese... even doing a bit of sightseeing when the food wears off. Heading to Switzerland tomorrow, so instead of wine and cheese, it'll be chocolate!

    The cover change? It was the publisher's idea. I think they wanted a more urban fantasy look, whereas the first two covers are kind of ambiguous as to whether it's fantasy or romance. I mean, the books are a bit of both, but this new cover is aimed more directly at urban fantasy readers.

  12. A snake-shifter and a banshee ---they seem like two very-unlikely heroic characters. It will be interesting to see how you do that!

    Congrats on your release day and enjoy France.

  13. Hi Erica and Kylie! Congrats on the release of Poison Kissed, Erica and have fun in Switzerland! I love this series and am looking forward to reading Joey's story :-)

  14. Hi Erica,
    I'm sure you are having fun on the other side of the world while us little folk scuttle away doing our daily **whatevers**. lol I can't wait to find out more of what's going on in the land of the 'shadows'. Your mind is truly brilliant.
    (I still love the covers of your books :)
    Thanks Kylie for a great blog...

  15. Christina! Thanks for taking time out from your post-FORBIDDEN release wind down to visit.

    Maryde, glad you enjoyed the interview! :-)

  16. Hi Kylie,
    Thanks for the interview with Erica.

    Love her work! I took away loads of information and inspiration from her 'how to write a synopsis' workshop at the RWA conference.

    A snake shifter - he would come in handy at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

    Love Shayne

  17. Hey Shayne. Yes, Erica's synopsis w'shop was excellent. A solid practical guide to writing synopses.

    Had a giggle at your reference to a shifter at the Delhi Games!

  18. {waves} thanks for visiting everyone! you guys are cool :) I had a big fat event at Bitten By Books website yesterday and I was in the middle of frickin nowhere with had no internet, so I missed most of it :( but hey. Better late then never!

    I'm glad someone got something out of that synopsis workshop at the conference :) I was afraid I was putting you all to sleep... it's not the most exciting topic, especially when there's a dude playing with swords next door!

  19. Congrats on your latest release Erica! Love the cover and the premise. Can't wait to read it and I'm was lucky enough to win this on another blog.

    Happy holidaying!

  20. Eleni, you lucky thing! Happy reading!

  21. I love these types of books, Gonna look out for this one at the library. Hopefully she doesn't kill joey!

  22. Hi Courtney, I'm glad you've discovered Erica - she's a great author and her series has a unique premise.

    Fingers crossed - you go into the draw for POISON KISSED, her free book.

  23. Oooh, Eleni, you are a lucky thing indeed for having already won Poison Kissed! I've already told Erica I looove the cover of this book, and she must have been doing some serious schmoozing with the cover-gods ;-) And knowing Erica, the story will be just as fabulous as the cover. Banshee and snake shifter.... Can't wait to see how these two get to a HEA.

  24. Hi Maree! You are now officially in the draw for a copy of POISON KISSED! Fingers crossed. :-)

  25. I have shadowfae on 'hold' at the library , but I'm like 25th in line LOL!!!!
    They sound AWESOME

  26. Hi again, Cath's Chatter!

    Looks like your To Be Read pile is growing and growing and growing! :-) Erica's a great Aussie UFR addition to your stack.

  27. I would love to read Erica's books with her in FRANCE! But to win a copy when she returns would be the next best thing.

  28. Bron, E's now in Italy (Venice was the last photo I saw on FB) - hard life this holidaying in Europe! LOL

    Thanks for dropping in!