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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gearing up for Release Day...

It's been a long time coming (about 17 years).

With my debut fantasy romance, VENGEANCE BORN, due for release on February 7th, the countdown to R-Day begins.

That's Release Day for anyone who doesn't know, LOL.

It'll be my turn to be in the spotlight - and I'm gearing up for some serious online promotion.

Here's a list of blogs where you can find me (and some giveaway opportunities) over the next couple of months... very exciting (and exhausting) :-) :
During the tour, you'll learn more about the characters and the world of VENGEANCE BORN, and there will be plenty of chances to win giveaway copies (ARC's & paperback).

I'll be posting quotes from the book and giving you insights into the hero and heroine on my blog, so keep checking back to get the lowdown and sneak peeks. :-) So, with all this happening, come prepared to party with me!

And here's your first event, folks!

To kick off the celebration - TRIPLE GOODNESS - 3 giveaways!!!
  • A signed ARC of VENGEANCE BORN
  • And 2 x special Light Blade series prize packs (a mix that may include a cap, t-shirt, book magnets, notepads etc.)
If you'd like to go in the draw (winners will be randomly selected), have some fun and answer this question...
If you could spend an afternoon having coffee & a chat with your favorite paranormal/fantasy hero or heroine, who would it be? And why?
The winners of the prizes will be announced midday, January 19th (Aussie time). Have fun!


  1. Kylie
    You must be so excited now the countdown is on. I really love the mystical ethereal cover of your book. I hope you do really, really well with it. Another Clendon winner, another published author.

    A well deserved success.

  2. As for my mythical hero...It would have to be Diana Gabaldon's Jamie Fraser. As to why? I'd love to see and talk to the man, in the flesh, who can keep and hold a 20th century woman for eternity.

  3. 'It's bee a long time coming (about 17 years)" I loved that, Kylie! I'm so excited for you and looking forward to your release date.

    As for a mythical hero. I'm going to hark back to my childhood and say I'd like to spend an afternoon with Aslan from CS Lewis' Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe. He's such a wise, compassionate and beautiful spiritual guide and companion.


  4. Oh my Kylie! I'm glad I stopped by and I'm so happy for you! Much Congrats to you on your release of Vengeance Born. I can't want to see it out there!

    You want to know who I'd spend the day, night and as long as possible with? It has to be my all time secret crush, Daniel Jackson, that cool archaeologist on Stargate SG1!

    I'm looking forward to your promo tour.

  5. Hi Shirley, thanks for dropping by - it's great to see the Clendon authors making names for themselves. I know when I had the honor of hosting the trophy in my house for 12 months I'd often look at the names plates on it and marvel at who had gone on to be published.

    I've yet to read Diana Gabaldon, but have had several people recommend her. Must get to reading her! :-)

  6. Hi Toni! Ahh, Aslan is a great character, on so many levels. CSLewis's series is a fantastic read.

  7. I like the geeky heroes too, Kaye, so Daniel Jackson gets my thumbs up! LOL John Crichton, Data, Samuel Beckett ... a man with brains, sigh!

  8. Hi Kylie,
    I'm excited to watch your tour -- I'm coming up on one of my own in a month and a half so I'll be taking notes! Can't wait to read your book.

    My hero-for-the-afternoon would be F'lar or Nessa from the Dragonriders of Pern. Oh, how I'd love for one of them to take me riding :-)

    Best wishes for release day, I'll be looking for it!

  9. Ohh, Liz! F'lar - another huge, deep sigh! And DRAGONS! I'm a big fan of them :-). Thanks for sharing!

  10. Congratulations Kylie!

    I;d kill to spend an afternoon with one of JR Wards Black Dagger brothers! Whoa Moma! What fun we could have! All those yummy hard bodies,,,would it have to be just one? (wink wink!)

  11. I'm so excited for you, Kylie! Does it feel real? :-)

    Me? Oh, I would definitely love to spend time with Strike from Jessica Andersen's Nightkeeper series. He's a king, as well as hot, strong, and oh-so sexy -- and of course he's going to save the world those pesky underworld creatures intent on watching humanity fall apart as the Mayan's predicted!

  12. LOL Kaye... you stole my answer! But, what's that saying about great minds :D Kylie, also have to agree about John Crichton!
    I've recently become addicted to Warehouse 13, so I'm going to say I'd like to spend a day with Myka and Pete, solving one of those weird artifact cases, they always look like they're having fun!
    Kylie, can't wait to get my hands on a copy of your book. And i hope they sell a million copies, after all your hard work, you deserve that and more.
    best wishes xo

  13. Kylie, I can't wait for the release date. Well done. All your hard work has paid off. Karma truly does come around. Your unfailing support of your fellow writers is being rewarded in the nicest possible way. Wishing you the very best of success as you get swept along in the tide of blessings to come.

    Spending an afternoon with Twilight's Jacob Black would be amazing. With all that lean muscle, I'm not sure I'd have coffee on my mind! Imagine having him around? Your own warm winter coat to cuddle up to and a ferocious pet in the bargain. I always thought Bella was a silly girl choosing the pale, cold Edward ... not that he doesn't have his own charm, of course :D

  14. I'm so excited for you Kylie, all that hard work and perseverence has paid off. As for favourite heroes and heroines to spend time with...could I just have a big party please as it would include all of Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters, Illona Andrew's Curran and Kate Daniels, Patricia Briggs' Mercy Thompson and Kate Forsyth's Rhiannon to name a few. Oh and not to forget Eric (thank you Charlaine Harris)?

  15. Kylie, I hope you have a fantastic time on your blog tour celebrating your long awaited release date - Yeah!! I can't wait to read your book and take photos of it at my bookshop!

    Gosh, just afternoon chat and coffee...I'm going to go back to a childhood favourite too and say King Arthur. How was he so nice in such a bad world? And how did he manage the equality thing? I'd like to learn that.


  16. Ok, YzhaBella's BookShelf, let's invite the whole BDB gang, I like your thinking there! :-)

  17. Alli, it's getting more real as the days count down. After preparing for so long, I'm actually beginning the promotion side of things and it feels great! :-)

    I have Jessica Anderson's Nightkeeper series on my TBR pile! Looking forward to reading them.

  18. Jess, thanks, I'd be happy to earn out! LOL We'll have to wait and see. If you like VB then feel free to do the word of mouth thing! :-)

  19. Ahh, a Twilight fan, Juanita. Have to admit the series never grabbed me but I know plenty of people who are as keen on Team Jacob over Team Edward, and vice versa!

  20. Oops, also forgot to thank you for your lovely words - I'm just paying it forward, helping out as others have helped me. I love doing it!

  21. Peta, what a party that would be with all those heroes!!! Wooo-eeeee!!!! Count me in, and I think there'd be quite a few gatecrashers too.

  22. Catherine, I'd love it if you'd email me a photo or two - it's be great to post it here on my blog (and I'm more than happy to give that bookshop a plug too!!!) :-)

    King Arthur would be a great guy to chat to over coffee, or would he prefer a glass of wine/mead?

  23. Thanks for a chance to win a signed copy :) Can't wait to read! I think my choice in the question will be Bones / Night Huntress Series. Why? Because he is my adorable, funny, sexy as hell character. Even meeting him is enough for me :))

  24. Hi Hanife! Bones is another fascinating character to have a cuppa and chat with!

    Thanks to everyone for recommending some new authors/books to me - I'm always up for another good book on the TBR pile, never have too many. :-)

  25. Hi Kylie, nice question:). This question really2 intrigue me:D. If I got a chance to meet a hero from paranormal book it would be wulf trygvassen from sherrilyn Kenyon dark hnter novel kiss of the night. The reason why I love this hero is he is a very caring family guy, I just can't resist family guy type. He cares a lot about his wife, son and family. Though one thing I always got difficulties to pronounce his last name lol. Aretha zhEn, aretha_zhen@yahoo.com

  26. Go the countdown! Can't wait to see it, Kylie.

  27. Hi Aretha! I love the Kenyon Dark Hunters, especially the early ones like Julian, Kyrian and Zarek. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Hi Kylie! Congrations on the upcoming release of your book. I remember seeing when I first saw the cover for "Vengeance Born" thinking how stunning it was. If I could spend some time with a favorite heroine, that would be Mac from the Fever series. She is such a dynamic character -gutsy but also has her share of tragic moments. She's a fighter who's had to really develop and grow from her experience and I admire her fighting spirit.

  29. Hi, Na! The VB cover still gets great comments - my cover artist, Gene Mollica, is chuffed!
    And I love a good gutsy heroine, so Mac sounds great!

  30. Congratulations on your debut Kylie! So glad an Aussie author is adding to the Fantasy Romance genre :)

    I would love to have a chat with Cat and Bones from Jeaniene Frost's Night Huntress series.I just love them and I know that they would leave me cracking up.

  31. Hi Gabbie, thanks for the good wishes and I'm proud to be an Aussie fantasy romance author! :-)

    Nothing like a hero/heroine with a sense of humor! While they're not from the paranormal genre strictly speaking, I find Sandra Hill's Viking books a crack up. Some funny one liners or situations in them!

  32. Congrats, Kylie. How exciting - I'd be swinging by the rafters by now. All the best & I hope it mega sells for you.
    Gosh, so many heroes / heroines to choose from...ok, I'm going with the classic LOR and Aragorn cause he's valient, driven and capable of doing the right thing even when he doesn't want to. Also, you must be goddess of great covers.

  33. Suz, you've managed to pick one of my all time favorite heroes - Aragorn...sigh. And in the movie he's played by Viggo Mortenson, not a classically handsome actor but boy, his characterisation of Aragorn dismisses any trivial things like physical good looks from your mind. He's all you stated and more!

    I think I need to go fan myself or maybe it's time I had another LOTR movie marathon. :-)

  34. Hi Kylie!
    I just have to tell that I just finished reading VENGEANCE BORN and all I can say (right now anyway) is WOW!!! What an amazing start and I'm already so excited and can't wait to read the next!

    I would just LOVE to spend an afternoon with Kalan:) He's just so caring, strong, and brave. Not to mention he's got that gorgeous physique. I think we'd have so much to talk about especially since he's the Lady's Chosen. I wouldn't (just) ogle him, but I'd like to pick his brain on the future of his people and on his personal life:)


  35. I'm guessing you must have read VB on Net Galley, *yadkny* (seeing as it's to be released yet) - thank you for your comments. I'm grinning from ear to ear as it's lovely to hear that the story entertained a reader.

    And if I could I'd arrange for that afternoon of conversation with Kalan for you. He is a honey, eh? The hot springs scene (one of the spots where you get an eyeful of his physique) was LOT of fun to write. *fanning my face*

    1. I definitely wouldn't mind spending the afternoon at the hot springs with him... somehow I just know that the rotten egg smell won't be noticed:)