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Friday, December 25, 2009

Recounting 2009

I belong to a fantastic e-loop known as the BI50D's, a sub-loop of RWNZ e-loop. We're a small group of writers who initially started it up to get a book finished in time to enter the RWNZ Clendon Award. One of the things we did recently was to recount what we had achieved over the 12 months.
Sometimes we forget in the struggle to get published the importance of acknowledging and celebrating what steps we have made in our journey.
This year, despite working a full time teaching job, I proudly achieved the following in my "spare" time...
*finished another book
*designed a website
*started a blog site
*gained representation with an agent
*lost representation with an agent (this is a positive as I learnt so much with her)
*finalled & placed with 90% of the entries I put in comp's this year (big achievements here were winning the Valerie Parv Award & Clendon Award, multi-placing in the VPA & Emerald)
*edited 2 books
*started a new book
(only goal I didn't achieve was *attended the RWA awards dinner with Hugh Jackman - and boy, did he miss out on a great night - LOL)
Not a bad list considering. Most of these I achieved because I set goals and made decisions on how to attain them, with, of course, support and encouragement from my fellow BI50D'ers. Can't do it without them :-) .
I've already started on next years goals...(I'm sure the list will grow!)
*enter 4 US romance writing competitions (ie.Golden Heart, the Emily & 2 others)
I also want to:
*find representation by another agent
*finish 3 more books (draft & 1 polished)
*help judge in RWOz writing comp's
So, what goals have you achieved in 2009? And what ones are you setting for 2010?

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  1. Kylie,
    That's quite a list- from 2009 and for 2010.
    But good on you for setting all those goals and for doing so well with the ones for this year. What do you do in your psare time??? Grin!
    Good luck with 2010's,