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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Review from TWITA

Thank you to Gikany and Una from That's What I'm Talking About! for this review of VENGEANCE BORN:
This new Light Blade series and more importantly, this book, Vengeance Born is outstanding, and you just have to pick it up.  If you are paranormal fans, paranormal romance fans, heck, if you just love fantasy, you need to jump on this ride now!...
(We)... both found this new world to be mesmerizing.  It is a mixture outstanding fantasy and sizzling hot romance.  The flow of Vengeance Born is seamless and gripping; it was incredibly difficult to put down.  The balance between the storytelling, the creation of the mythology, and the development of the relationship between Kalan and Annika was impeccable.  The overarching themes of the struggle people have accepting others that are different and feuds that have lasted so long that no one really knows why, just that they are supposed to hate, are tackled by the author in a gentle but determined way.  Although Annika and Kalan’s stories are fairly well resolved in the end, so much more is left open with other characters.
As we’ve said before, the sign of a well-written book is that it lingers in your thoughts days or even weeks later.  Vengeance Born is one of them, the characters and world followed ...(us)... for days, even into our dreams.  We cannot wait until the next novel in this incredibly rich world.
To read the full review click here.


  1. Well done Kylie!! A glowing review - makes all that hard work worth it =))

  2. Oh wow! Great going, Kylie. :)
    I'm still stalking the postman for my copy.

  3. There are a few people who've told me they're stalking the postman, Sandy! LOL

    Thanks, Mel!

  4. It's arrived!! It's arrived!! Yippee! Thanks so much, Kylie. :))

    From a Mother Hen perspective, (this is probably on your to-do list) may I suggest you get a post office box for your return mail address to preserve your privacy?

  5. A wonderful review, Kylie!! You must be thrilled. Congrats again on such a stellar debut :-)

  6. A wonderful review Kylie, you must be dancing on air at the reception Vengeance Born is getting from readers and reviewers!

  7. So glad the postman made good before the weekend, Sandy. Unfortunately there's no such thing as PO boxes where I live - but I suppose I could address it care of the PO and it'd get to me. :-) The nearest official PO box is a 160km round trip. Certainly something to think about though.

  8. Thanks Helene & Kandy - I think this week is going to be hard to top as far a memories go. :-)

  9. Congrats on the fabulous reviews for VENGEANCE BORN, Kylie! And I've just noticed your countdown widget for ALLIANCE FORGED - scary how quickly the time whizzes by!!