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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Italy Trip (part 4)

A collage of places from my trip through Italy.

Photos 1 & 2. The Tuscan village of Pitigliano - by day and by night. 

Photo 3. Corte Contarini Dal Bovolo with its famous winding staircase.

Photo 4. Castelvecchio Bridge in Verona. I love castles of any sort!

Photo 5. Manarola village, one of the five villages in Cinque Terre. I was astounded by the terrace farming on the mountain slopes of these seaside villages. You can see them if you look closely.

Photo 6. A church in Monterosso, Cinque Terre. It's made entirely out of solid, black and white marble.

Photo 7.  Palazza Pfanner in Lucca, with beautiful gardens and a statue-lined pathway of all the Roman Gods.

Photo 8. The city of Verona. Have you noticed most cities in Italy don't have towering skyscrapers or lots of tall buildings? Nice, eh?

Photo 9. Piazza Anfiteatro in Verona. Outdoor cafes lined the inner ring of buildings.

Photo 10. The famous Rialto Ponte in Venice - a foot-bridge and shops.


  1. Another batch of fantastic photos. Thanks, Kylie!

  2. Hi Kylie, Thanks for sharing your wonderful holiday photos. Cheers, Margaret

  3. Stunning photos. Makes me want to put Italy to the top of my list!


  4. Glad you ladies like the photos! It was fun collating the next few posts - tried to go with themes this time around. Amazing what I found to fit!