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Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Few More Good Books...

I really like recommending a good book or two to read, so without further ado, here a some I've read and enjoyed lately. They've also made my "keeper" shelf.

Care to share what's on your "keeper" shelf?


  1. Everything Ilona Andrews even thinks about! The entire Harry Dresden series, Lilith Saintcrow's Danny Valentine series, KMM's Fever series, Meljean Brook's the Iron Duke... And I have just ordered Kiss of Snow, so I'm fairly certain that will end up there too!

  2. Bec, everyone bar Nalini, are authors I've yet to discover! So, thanks for the recommendations. Now just got to find the time to read them! LOL

  3. Hi Kylie. I lean strongly towards UF in my reading, so a lot of them are in that genre. One of the problems I have when reading for pleasure is turning off the part of my writerly brain that says, 'wow, that was a great line' or 'okay, bad dialogue, bad characterisation' etc...
    I discovered Jim Butcher two years ago. His first couple are slower, but once he gets going, wow, does the series evolve. I admire him hugely as a wannabe writer - he plots really well, does characterisation like no one else and is really, genuinely funny.
    Also, check out Ilona Andrews blog. Her and her husband Gordon regularly give out snippets, giveaways and have funnies posted. They're an example of a pair of authors who really treat their fanbase well and IMO, do a great job with a blog.
    Okay, enough gushing. (: I think we all get excited about our fave authors.