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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Who's That Girl? interview with Jane Beckenham

We're winging our way across the Ditch to learn more about one of our Kiwi sisters! 

Name? I write as Jane Beckenham (my married name), though have thought of using another name, Joan Desmond (my parents’ names), Trisha Sullivan (my full given name was Patricia Jane O’Sullivan, and think I was meant to be Patrick because I’m the 3rd of 3 girls and there aren’t any boys! 

Where are you? North Shore of Auckland, New Zealand, but only for another 3 weeks!  Yes, after 24 years of living in this house, we are FINALLY moving – we’re going country – well about 18km away, but it’s rural and on 9 acres of beautiful native bush.  I believe we even get wild deer visiting! 
How many years have you been a member of our organisation? I'm a member of RWAustralia and RWNZ, so RWAustralia about 3 years, and RWNZ about 12 years. 

What genre/s do you write? I write contemporary, but am also published in time travel/romance, and my first Regency is being released in May/June 2011. 

Who are your favourite authors? I love Sophia James who writes historical for M&B and love both historical and contemporaries of Sandra Hill.  Of course I love lots of the Desire authors. 

What inspired you to write romance? Friends say I always said I wanted to write, but you know, I don’t remember that. However, I was an avid M&B reader and I suppose it just followed on from that. 

Who's your dream publisher? Silhouette Desire is my dream publisher, but I also love writing my historicals and so would love to be picked up by M&B Historical. 

What's the best thing about going to conference? Catching up with everybody, learning even one tiny thing that will help me on the road forward. (and getting to travel to Aussie and go shopping LOL) 

And lastly, finish these statements... 
My greatest strength as a writer is...perseverance. 
A sexy hero needs...bedroom eyes. 
My latest WIP (work in progress) is about...a bachelor prince. 
When I write I like to...um…you know this is a hard one.  How about…when I write, I pray it’s going to make sense. 
My best writing milestone to date is...writing the end, then realising I have another book inside me, and being eternally grateful that I do. 

It's been great having you here, Jane. Thanks for answering my questions!
Many thanks, Kylie.

Jane will be visiting my blog again later this year as one of my guest authors but in the meantime if you'd like to learn more about her, she has a website that you can check out.


  1. Hi Jane - lovely book covers. I can absolutely relate to your comment re: realising you've another book in your head. I'd hate to ever wake up and not have the joy of new characters running rampant in my brain. Good luck with the new Historical release. You're a woman of many talents!

  2. Hi Jane
    Enjoy your new country home.
    Hope to catch up with you Melbourne.

  3. Hi Jane,
    Great interview. Hope the move goes well (:

  4. And sharing a room with me last year at Coogee didn't turn you off, Jane? Was good to get to know you! :-)
    Great to hear of your new book out soon and all the very best with moving house. I've always found it a great time for this hoarder to "unhoard."

  5. This is from Jane Beckenham - for some reason she's had issues posting on blogs (mine included) lately.

    Her message:
    Hello everyone, thanks for dropping by and leaving comments. Yes, we've moved and now country residents! No more popping to the local dairy! I'm thrilled to say my Regency - A Traitor's Heart has earned 4 star review - great relief since it was my 1st Regency.

    Jane Beckenham

  6. You know, one of the best things about the Who's That Girl? interviews is that I get to know so many of our members - some I've met before at conference but don't know all that well. So I love getting to know you through these snippets! :-)

    Thanks for calling in, ladies!

  7. ""How about…when I write, I pray it’s going to make sense.""

    LOL This cracked me up. I so, so feel you on that one.

  8. Great interview. Now I need to go back and re-read Romeo and He's the One........

  9. Lovely interview, Jane and Kylie! It's fabulous to see the results of such perseverance--crossing my fingers we'll see one of your names on a Silhouette Desire or M&B soon! ;) And best wishes for a smooth move!!

  10. How wonderful it is to be able to send notes and love so quickly from California. Enjoy your new home.

  11. I also love historical romances.

  12. Wonderful to see you all here and thanks for dropping in to say hi to Jane!

  13. Jane, was great reading about you and cool about the move to the country! Enjoy. Look forward to seeing a Desire from you on the shelves very soon.

  14. Hi Patti,

    Thanks for calling in! Jane's had issues with posting comments here, she'd probably also like to thank you. :-)

  15. Jane's just contacted me to let me know she's still having trouble posting comments, so she's ask me to post this:

    Thank you everyone for popping by and leaving such wonderful, positive comments.