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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

CONFERENCE: RWAmerica (Part 2)

Some of the wonderful moments for me of the RWAmerica conference was the chance to take part in the Literacy Autographing and Berkley signing events. I got to meet some readers I've known via Facebook, Twitter and my newsletter. It was awesome meeting you!

Fellow Aussie author, Erica Hayes
Local Aussie author & RITA finalist!
From memory, the Literacy Autographing raised a massive $57000 for a local Atlanta charity - an amazing effort!

Kiwi author, Louisa George
I also had my own fan-girl moments with some of my favourite authors.

I met up with Joss Ware again at the Literacy Signing
C.L.Wilson, Nancy Northcott & I
Meeting Kristin Callihan!

My luggage was filled with an extra 4kgs of books collected from the free publisher signings - I didn't think I'd picked up so many!

My writing buddy, Bec McMaster at the Sourcebook signing
As Chris took part in her Golden Heart experience, the tension grew the closer we came to the Awards Night dinner. I don't know who was more nervous - her or me! LOL It was an awesome moment to see her name and picture up on the large Jumbotron screen in the ballroom!

Erica Hayes, Chris Taylor, Bec McMaster & Bronwyn Parry on the Awards night

Celebrating achievements, birthdays and fun times with the Aussie contingent at RWA, Atlanta, GA.

The week in Atlanta went too quickly and I look forward to my next trip to the USA, whenever it may be.

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