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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Guest Author: Erica Hayes

Before becoming one of RWAustralia’s newly published authors, Erica turned her hand at a number of careers - law student, air force officer, editorial assistant and musician. She writes erotic dark urban fantasy and is published with St.Martin’s Griffin. In her own words she has “the best job in the world – imagining.”

Her imagination creates worlds and stories inhabited by fairies, spriggans, banshees, demons, incubi, succubi, vampire gangsters, glamour and magic.

Today Erica’s visiting to share some not-so-serious details about her life and where she’s headed next in her career.

Hi, Erica, it's great to have you here! Let's start with some basic facts ;-) .

Author name: Erica Hayes.

Published genre/s: urban fantasy/romance/erotica. One day I wanna do some space opera. Or a post-apocalyptic punk noir with aliens. 

I'd love to read one of those genres, E. - can't wait for you to get them drafted! Please hurry :-) .

Favourite childhood toy: X-box 360 and Supernatural DVDs... Oh, you mean my small-person childhood? I had a little stuffed rabbit called Peter, from whom I was apparently inseparable. After a while, his eyes fell out — too much tough love — so Mum had to perform surgery on him. 
Also an orange hippo with a hat, named Groonk-Groonk. Yeah. He was stuffed with beans or dried peas or something, and ‘grooonk’ was the noise he made when you sat on him.

Greatest Vice: Chocolate. Closely followed by the DVD section at amazon.com. Guess which one’s more expensive?

Hmm, the C-word! The secret behind every good writer is a block and half of yummy choc-latey goodness while watching your favourite DVD!

Book you’re reading now: Ummm... just finished Nightwalker by Jocelynn Drake. My TBR shelf is diminishing slowly, but only because there are no good bookshops in Newcastle. I was in Borders today with loads of cash and didn’t buy ANYTHING.

Most intriguing place you’ve visited: I holidayed in Egypt once, and visited the temple of Ramses II at Abu Simbel. After a week spent gazing at pyramids and tombs and Tutankhamen’s treasure, I thought I was immune to awestruck goggling. I was wrong.

So many places, so much goggling to do, so little time ... sigh...

A place you’ve yet to visit and want to: I wanna see the Grand Canyon. Y’know, that glass platform where you go out over the edge? Yeah. I’m going to RWA in Nashville this year, so this might be my chance...

Oh, the Grand Canyon! When I visited (last century) one piece of advise I was given was, if I ever fall over the edge, don't close my eyes - you have the best view of anyone on the way down, why spoil it by shutting them. Something to remember when you visit, Erica, *grin*!

Author/s in your genre who you enjoy reading: Lots of them. I like Keri Arthur, Ann Aguirre, Rob Thurman, Jim Butcher....

Who or what influenced you to write in the genre/s you’re now published in? I guess it just seemed like a good idea at the time... Everything I’d ever written had fantasy/sci-fi elements of some kind, and I’d tried high fantasy and a kind of quasi-contemporary magicians-and-aliens-in-the-outback mishmash (dustpunk?) but I hadn’t hit on anything particularly special. So I decided I’d try something dark and gritty and a bit sexy. Look what happened. Don’t try this at home, folks :)

When developing a story who tends to appear first in your mind, the hero or heroine, and why? Usually it’s the heroine. My stories are fantasy foremost — the hero’s more of an antagonist, really, and the plot is primarily based around the heroine. But the one I’m working on now arrived hero-first, and I had to make up a heroine to suit him, or in his case to drive him crazy.

Writing Milestone/s: You mean, like, goals? At the moment, it’s finish the damn book. Right now I’m in the middle of book 4 of my Shadowfae series and let me tell you, it’s like flossing your teeth with wet spaghetti: tricky, but fun once you get started. Once I’ve finished that one... well, we’ll see. Maybe more Shadowfae. Maybe onto something different for a while.

Latest release/project: I have SHADOWGLASS coming out on 2 March. It’s book 2 in the Shadowfae series, and it’s about fairies!
The heroine, Ice, is a waterfae thief hunting for that big score, and she gets more than she anticipated when she steals a demon’s magic mirror. 
The hero is Indigo, a haughty metalfairy with a dark secret. SHADOWGLASS has vengeful demons, confused angels, nasty shapeshifting gangsters and a lovesick serial killer. What’s not to like?

If you care to, you can read an excerpt and watch the book trailer at my site: http://www.shadowfae.net

Erica also has a free short story called Hellcursed on her site, based around the character of Jade, the heroine who appears in her first book, SHADOWFAE. It's a great read! Check it out.

In your recent release/latest work, what about your hero or heroine inspired you? Ice from SHADOWGLASS is one of the little people. There are so many urban fantasies out there where the heroine is kick-ass and powerful. I wanted to write about a normal girl who gets out of her depth in a mean world, and has to step up to survive. I mean, sure, Ice is cute and cheeky and knows a trick or two, and kicks some bad-guy ass in her own way. But she’s up against enemies who are way more powerful than she is, and so she has to live by her wits and wiles. I’d love to be like her!

As for the hero, well. He’s blue, and has wings. I’m inspired already :)

Well, I've already placed an order for this book and I can't wait to read it, E. There's something definitely intriguing and appealing about a heroine who faces overwhelming odds yet manages to triumph, not to mention a winged, blue hero!

Thanks for dropping in and sharing! :-) Thanks for having me!

Now for a little fun! I can't let readers go away empty-handed, so I've asked Erica to set you a little challenge. The dangly carrot? An autographed copy of her first book, SHADOWFAE! You just have to answer this question ... If you found a magic mirror that was bound to tell you the truth — what would you ask it?
You have until 12 noon on Monday, 1st March 2010 to leave your comment. The lucky visitor will be announced here on Tuesday, 2nd March. 

Have fun leaving a comment!


  1. See, it pays to stay up late. I'm first!!!
    Great interview, Kylie. It was lovely to meet and get to know Erica some more.
    Congratulations, Erica on the release of Shadowglass. The book sounds wonderful. Another to add to my tbr pile.
    Tam ;)

  2. Tamara, you WERE up late! :-) Thanks for dropping by.

    Did you want to have a crack at the question from Erica and give yourself the chance to win a copy of SHADOWFAE?

    It's a ripper of a read! I highly recommend it.

  3. Hi ladies!!
    Erica, I really want to read your magicians & aliens in the outback =)
    I have Erica's fantastic book, but have to answer the 'truth mirror' question-
    I'd probably agonize for days, maybe months, over an appropriate question (is this a 'get one only' deal?) and then probably still not ask for fear of learning the harsh truth LOL!

  4. Hi, Kylie and Erica!

    Erica, those covers of yours are just gorgeous. Congrats on the release of book 2!

    Magic mirror, eh? Like Mel, I'm not sure I could handle the truth! But I would steel myself and ask anyway--will I ever get published? :)

  5. If you found a magic mirror that was bound to tell you the truth — what would you ask it?

    Like a lot of peeps I'd probably agonize for days, but ultimately - deep down - I'd want to know who I am - both the good and the bad. Sometimes I get a clear picture, other times not so much. ;)

  6. Hi Mel & Vanessa, great to see you here.

    Ohh, how many times have we asked ourselves the sorts of questions that you've posed? I think your fears are justified - you'd have to have steely courage to ask them and face the truth! Not sure if I could do it either. :-)

  7. Thanks for dropping by INCiDeNT.

    Now that's a scary question - wanting to know who you are, the good and the bad - I wonder what we'd find and whether there'd be any surprises? Or if what we heard would be what we expected?

  8. Hi Erica,
    Loved this insight into what makes you tic :) I hope Shadowglass is an even bigger seller than Shadowfae!

    "If you found a magic mirror that was bound to tell you the truth — what would you ask it?"

    Hmmmm. That's a toughie. How about "Is there life - as in *human form* life - on other planets?"

    Thanks for having Erica here as your special guest, Kylie!

  9. Sorry, Kylie. I forgot that bit. It was rather late. ;)

    My question to the mirror would be: when am I going to master grammar and sentence structure in my ms. Grrr. And hopefully the answer would be sooon....like today.

    Tam. :)

  10. Hi Serena. Ahh, the "are we the only life-form in this universe" question.

    Do you think the human race is ready to find out otherwise (other than those of us who are converted Trekkers, that is, *grin*).

  11. A very practical question from Tamara ;-) - one perhaps several hundred of us might like to know the answer to - heh, heh! Thanks for this.

  12. Congrats on the release of SHADOWGLASS, Erica! i loved Jade's book and am looking forward to Ice (who is so cute, I love her!)

    As for the magic mirror question, I actually prefer living in my make-believe world and the thought of having a mirror telling me the absolute truth gives me hives!!!

  13. Fabulous blog, ladies! I laughed at the image of plunging earthwards with my eyes open, Kylie...

    Erica, how cool to have a cute pocket-sized heroine kicking butt - can't wait to read all about Ice!!

    And the magic mirror question? Easy. How do I stop mould growing on my shoes in Cairns - love the tropics but right now, at the end of the wet, I can't see the leather for green furry stuff...

  14. Great interview. Dustpunk - I like it Erica ;))

    I already have Erica's book ....

    As for asking the mirror a question...sorry I would be greedy and ask it for the x-lotto numbers. What do you mean it can't see into the future & it's personal gain? *rolls eyes* So I'd have to read the fine print to the instructions. OK then - probably something along the lines of - how can I be the best person I can be?

    E :)

  15. Eww, mould on your shoes, Helene? After all the humid weather we've had this year in the outback I'd better check mine for the same! :-) Isn't there something you could coat our shoes with, "Mould Resist" or something like that?

    Hi, Eleni! ;-) Hmm, lotto numbers, I think you're right about the mirror not being able to see the future. Curses. But how to be the best person you can, now that's a good question.

    Thanks for dropping in, Helene and Eleni.

  16. Hi Erica,

    Kylie directed me to your website, thanks Kylie. I just loved your prequel and will be down to Borders to buy your latest as soon as it’s on shelf.

    “If you found a magic mirror that was bound to tell you the truth — what would you ask it” --
    I’d be terrible selfish and ask what the future holds for me.

    Good luck Erica and I hope you sell a zillion copies of your wonderful book and thanks Kylie expanding my fantasy reading.

    Margaret Midwood

  17. Hey Erica and Kylie,

    Great interview Kylie and I'd definitely love to read some of that dustpunk, for sure, Erica! I too have the wonderful "Shadowfae" and have "Shadowglass" on order because, hello, sexy metalfairy - grroowl! but I can't resist playing. :)

    My question would probably be - the usual deep and meaningful, how can we achieve world peace?

    Jo Mc.

  18. Hello, Margaret! Glad you could make it here. I'm glad I could introduce you to a new author and that you liked her work enough to go out and order both her books!

    Hi, Jo, Erica's dustpunk certainly has intrigued a few of us. I hope one day she does get to write a story or two about it.

    You've both asked great questions, thanks for dropping in.

  19. Hi Kylie & Erica,

    Loved the interview.can't wait to read both your books Erica. Thanks Kylie for introducing me to another great author.

    As for the magic mirror...Mirror, mirror on the wall...When will we have the medical technology like on startrek to cure all the life taking illnesses that our loved ones have to suffer?

    best wishes

  20. Oh, Star Trek technology - now that would be cool to know, Robyn.

    Thanks for asking such an "fascinating" question (Trekkers will understand that reference, for those who don't who do you know that has pointy ears and raises one eyebrow as they say that word?). ;-)

  21. You guys are awesome :) thanks for dropping by!

  22. I really enjoyed your interactive Q&A technique, Kylie, and know I will enjoy reading Erica's books which are now on my 'to buy' list. I'm so glad I got to meet Erica at the '09 RWNZ conference!
    My magic mirror question: How do I achieve that (mythical) work-life balance and carve out more time for writing?
    Regards to you both,

  23. Hi, Kate. Ohh, I like your question and if anyone has an answer to it, share it around!

    I think every writer would want to know the secret to that one! :-)

  24. Erica, I know exactly what you mean about local bookshops. Very slim pickings, unfortunately.

    Now, the mirror question... I suppose it could tell me if the Sydney Swans are going to make the finals this year. Knowing that would save me 22 weeks of angst!

    But then, I think the angst is why I love it. Although, perving at all those gorgeous fit bods helps.

    Wishing you all the very best with Shadowglass, Erica.

    And another great interview, Kylie. Well done.

  25. Kylie, what a great interview! And Erica, I can't wait to read your books. I love, love, love the covers! I hope you sell a gazillion copies.

    Ah, and what a dastardly question. Hmm... I'd have to ask that darn mirror which of the three stories I currently have running around in my head should I write first? (Though with my luck it may well tell me to go back to the drawing board :-))

  26. A footy question - now that's a first for this blog, Cathryn! Heh, heh!

    Thanks for coming by.

  27. Answers to the mirror's question for the free copy of Erica's SHADOWFAE is now closed.

    But feel free to post a comment for general interest/participation if you like.

  28. Hi, Michelle, you just scraped in on the timeline! Phew!

    Which mss should you write next, a tricky question. I wonder what the mirror would tell you? :-)