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Friday, October 9, 2009

Eleni-fest is On!

Want a great month of writer-ly blogs full of information, interviews and interesting things? How about some great prizes to go with all that?
Yeah? Then head on over to Eleni Konstantine's website and check out her link Eleni-fest. It's on the whole month of October and she's spending it promoting anything and everything to do with writing.
Some of the things she's already talked about include critique partners, the Romance Writers of Australia annual conference "Hot August Nights" and she's interviewed historical romance author Anna Campbell. Anna is giving away a free copy of her latest book Tempt the Devil so make sure you leave a comment by the due date (if you want to know when that is get on over to Eleni-fest!).
Future guest authors/writers include Trish Morey, Anne Gracie, Keri Arthur, Tracy O'Hara, Erica Hayes, Christina Phillips, Rachel Bailey, Elizabeth Rolls, Denise Rossetti, Nikki Logan, Anne Oliver, Mel Teshco, and Anna Hackett. The dates for these are listed on her Eleni-fest page.
Eleni also has a swag of prizes and goodies to give away. Up for grabs at the moment include a copy of Valerie Parv's (et.al) Heart & Craft book and Tracey O'Hara's debut release Night's Cold Kiss.
What a great way to while away the month of October!


  1. Hey Kylie,

    Thanks for spreading the world about Eleni-fest!! I need to go update my website as I have a few more guests - Paula Roe, Claire Baxter, and Barbara Hannay. I'm so ecstatic about the line up!

    E :)

  2. Hi Kylie, my fellow early riser! I think Eleni did a brilliant job setting up Eleni Fest. And my visit there was an absolute hoot! It included naked Greek gods and retsina. Hmm, perhaps the retsina contributed to me seeing naked GGs. Oh, well! Anna Hacket's post is up today and it's fascinating!

  3. Thanks for visiting, Karen & Eleni. I'm enjoying following Eleni-fest and look forward to reading the guest-bits! :-)

  4. Thanks ladies for enjoying Eleni-fest. Anna - LOL - maybe the alcohol did have an influence ;))

    And yes you two are early risers indeed. Night Owl is struggling to wake up this morning!