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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm sure everyone has received one of those chain letter set of questions that ask about your favourite ice cream or whether you prefer diamonds or pearls or the places you lived and then asks you to return them to your friend who sent it to you then forward it on to 10 friends. Sometimes I find them annoying, other times it fun to read fact about someone you thought you knew well.
One of the questions asked what jobs had I done in the past and it got me to thinking about all the varied employment I've taken on in years gone by, paid and volunteer. It's an interesting list and most brought back good memories.
  • Babysitting (I only ever took on jobs where the child could talk and tell me what was wrong - babies terrified me)
  • Rock picker (dad's attempt to clear his paddocks of rocks - he paid me half a cent a rock - talk about child slave labour!)
  • Roustabout (working in the shearing shed helping throw the fleece, clean up the dags and then put it in the baler was hard work but an honest day's work)
  • Corn tassler (for CSIRO - blisters - I lasted only 3 days at that job)
  • Weed sprayer (at least I got to sit on a custom made bench hitched on the front of a tractor for this one, but the hours were long and the days hot)
  • Vacation Care supervisor (did this through college for spending money)
  • Gardner & lawn mower (always nice to make a place look good)
  • Window Washer (not easy when you're short!)
  • Waitress (believe it or not I did this as a second job when I first started teaching to help out a local restaurant until they could find a permanent staff member)
  • English teacher (I taught the Chinese cook at the preciously mentioned restaurant to speak and read English - he gave me free meals in kind)
  • House-sitter (did this a few times for friends who lived on properties when they took their annual holiday - ended up pulling three calves - the "cows shouldn't calve until we get back" just didn't cut it after that, not fun)
  • Youth Group leader
  • Cook & Cleaner (at a Christian Youth camp)
  • Scarf knitter (helping a friend who owns a craft shop build up winter stock)
  • Librarian (coordinator and weekly volunteer)
  • Secretary (for numerous volunteer organisations)
  • Community Transport Driver (taking people to personal appointments)
  • Meals on Wheels Driver (delivering meals to people within the local area)
  • Movie Theatre ticket seller
  • Rural Fire Service firefighter
  • Controller & Dept.Controller of the local State Emergency Service unit (for search and rescue, rescue, floods, storm damage, general rescue, road crash rescue and first aid)
  • Community First Responder (ambulance trained to assist in emergency call outs)

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