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Monday, November 22, 2010

Read a good book lately?

There's nothing more exciting than finding a great book and being able to sit down with it and read it from cover to cover.

I think most avid readers have a huge To Be Read pile sitting somewhere in the house - beside their bed, on a shelf in their office, perched on coffee table...

I keep mine on my bookshelf, and I think I've managed to whittle my pile back to about 15 waiting-to-be-read books. Most of them fall within the paranormal romance genre, although I do like reading the odd erotica romance, the occasional romantic suspense or category romance and sometimes straight sci-fi or fantasy.

Do you have a To Be Read pile?

What book have you recently read? Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?

Who are your Must Buy authors? (you can find a list of mine either on the blog or my website)


  1. I have an enormous TBR pile and growing daily. Sigh. I also have numerous half-started books sitting everywhere around my house, including in the bathroom. (: Byron wanted to know if a half-open book lying around was the new decorating theme.
    Must buy authors - Ilona Andrews, Meljean Brook, Lilith Saintcrow and Jim Butcher.
    What have I read lately? Zoe Archer's Blades of the Rose series which is great fun and set in exotic places like Mongolia or Greece(think Indiana Jones and the Mummy style stories), Cassandra Clare's Clowkwork Angel and Nalini Singh's Play of Passion which just whet my appetite for Hawke's book even more.

  2. At last count there were 45 unread fiction books on my pile. Too many! And no hope of reducing it for a while because I'm so bogged down with non-fiction. I'm desperate for escape but must research!

  3. I discovered I forgot to order PLAY OF PASSION - wondered why it hadn't arrived in the post and checked my book order history. Was devastated I'd done this. But quickly remedied that! :-)

    You're right Bec & Cathryn, so many authors, so many books, so little time!!! Need Hermoine's time necklace!

  4. I have far too many to count - physical books and eBooks. My latest read was Mel Teshco's Carnal Moon - which is fabulous read - dark, animalistic and very hot.

    And I have to say what fabulous covers you are displaying :)

  5. A lot of people I've been following on blogs recently have said they're reading Mel Teshco's books - how good is that!?!

    And yes, what a great pair of covers to display in this post! :-P

  6. I also have piles of books half-finished, dipped into and old favourites I go back to. One I enjoyed lately was Tess Gerritsen's 'The Bone Garden' - a kind of past/present murder mystery with lots of intriguing detail about body snatchers who robbed graves and sold corpses to hospitals in the 19th century. I had to put my sandwich aside during the dissection passages but overall it was a really interesting read.

  7. Leigh, that grit your teeth and endure feeling reminds me of the time I read MISERY by Stephen King, when the psychotic woman cut off the author's feet with an axe to keep him with her. But it was a fascinating read all round. Glad it was fiction though. :-)

  8. Really you don't want to know how many books are in my TBR pile Kylie.

    My reading has been a mixture of different genres - crime, paranormal romance, childrens, romance, fantasy. I love being able to do hop from one genre to another.

    I've got Christina Phillips' Forbidden as my 'reward' book - I only get to read a chapter when I have done work on my writing.

  9. Eleni, the dangling carrot works well most times, doesn't it? But a chapter at a time - that's torture! :-)