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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Who's that girl? Interview - Anita Joy

Our next guest hails from Oz!

Name? Anita Joy.

Where are you? Brisbane.

How many years have you been a member of RWAustralia? 3 years.

What genre do you write? Category SuperRomance.

Who are your favourite authors?
That is such a hard question to answer so I'll just list the authors on my 'over my dead body will I part with them bookshelf' - Dick Francis, Gerald Durrell, LM Montgomery, James Herriott, JK Rowling, Stephenie Myer, David Eddings, Terry Brooks, Jean M Auel, Anne McCaffrey, Agatha Christie and Stephen Donaldson.

What inspired you to write romance? 

I started out writing fantasy in my teens, but when I looked at what I was reading, it didn't matter what the genre the book had to have romance in it. Seemed natural to start writing pure romance.

Who's your dream agent and/or dream publisher?
Agent - Jen Schober, Spencerhill Associates; Publisher - Harlequin

What's the best thing about going to conference?
Gosh, so many things... me time, socialising, spending time with people who understand(!), soaking up everything I can about writing and  immersing myself, the inspiration it leaves me with when I get home

And lastly, finish these statements...
My greatest strength as a writer is...
my determination.
A sexy hero needs...to be someone I fall in love with.
My latest WIP (work in progress) is about...a fish out of water in a great Aussie setting.
When I write I like to...be in an empty house and lose track of time.
My best writing milestone to date is...when I finished my very first ms - still love the memory of that feeling.

Thanks, Anita, for joining me today! If you'd like to read more about Anita check out her website.


  1. hi Anita!
    Nothing beats the feeling of "The End" does it!
    Good luck with your dream agent, thinking she's on a few lists! =)

  2. Hi Anita, Hello Kylie!

    Fantastic questions and answers! I loved reading this, thanks for sharing, Anita.

    Kylie, Mel beat me to the top post today!

  3. Kylie, thanks for this interview with Anita - I already know her, but I just learned a few new things!

  4. Nas, you must have slept in! :-D

    Hi Rach & Mel, thanks for swinging by to say hi to Anita.

  5. Hi Kylie, thanks for having me... although only today I realised I missed myself .

    Mel, yes, I think after last year's conference she's made the list of a lot of people.

    Nas, glad you enjoyed reading :)

    Rach, amazed there were things there you didn't know, lol.

  6. Hi Anita,
    Sorry for coming in late to the party. Loved reading about you and learning some new things! Hope to catch up at the RWA Conference.
    Thanks for having Anita on here, Kylie. You always have such wonderful questions for your victims, er, guests!

  7. Look forward to catching up, Serena. Roll on August!

  8. Serena & Anita, you're never too late! LOL

    Looking forward myself to catching up with everyone at conference!