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Sunday, September 4, 2011

CRAFT: Writing Edgy Sex Scenes

A friend of mine, Gracie O'Neil, has a special guest visiting her blog this week - one you might be interested in questioning. Here's the deets...

Imagine this:
Your heroine wants your hero to hold her tight when they make love. Your hero wants to ravish your heroine and doesn't know how much she'll take before she kicks his ass.

In her bedside drawer your heroine has the pair of handcuffs the next door neighbour's kids put on her Christmas tree (remind me to tell you the **real** story about that one day) and the hero finds them...

Okay, enough imagining.

If you've ever wanted to ask a question about BDSM, Leather versus Vanilla lifestyle, just how kinky can you get and still be "normal", how to make your characters more alpha, more dominant, more submissive, more real in terms of sexual response and expectation—well, now's your chance.

Dr Charley Ferrer, author of "BDSM for Writers" and "BDSM: The Naked Truth" is going to be blogging with at Romance She Wrote on September 6th.

As a Clinical Sexologist, Dr. Charley is an expert. Take it from me, you can ask her anything you like and she'll give you an answer you can use. Even in your writing! Even if you're not into anything "weird" or "Kinky". Even if, like me, you're as vanilla as a pudding.

So don't be shy. Here's your chance to ask all those things you've been dying to know.

Dr. Charley Ferrer talks about BDSM (and other things) and answers your questions at Romance She Wrote on Tuesday September 6.

See you there!

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  1. Oh glad I saw this post!! Sounds like a great, (eye-opening?) topic!

  2. Yeah, RWNZ Heart to Heart magazine had an interview Dr Charlie in one of the last couple of issues and it was fascinating, Mel. So a chance to question her via Gracie's blog is a bonus! :-)