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Saturday, September 3, 2011

RWAustralia Conference "From Here to Eternity" (part 2)

Another collage of events and speakers from the Romance Writers of Australia "From Here to Eternity 2011 conference!

Going to the '20's cocktail party...

Raymond Floro staging a fight scene workshop

A proud moment...
$16000 raised in a raffle for the Otis Foundation
Speaker - Bob Mayer
Speaker - Susan Wiggs

The traditional Valerie Parv Breakfast - winners past & present
Why we love romance...panel
Trish Morey loving romance...
Celebrating the awards night...


  1. Great pics! Raymond Floro was entertaining wasn't he.

  2. We look quite respectable. Ah, memories...need the photos to remember *lol*. It was a wonderful weekend on many fronts.

    (& hopefully blogger will post this comment - it ate my one for Mel's drop in here :o )

  3. the best pic is the one of you and your first sales ribbon. Congrats!

  4. Fabulous pics, Kylie. I've really got to get back to an Oz conference soon!!

  5. Great photos Kylie. Like Diane, love the one with your first sales ribbon. Yay!

  6. Nice blog.. nice collection of pictures !

    Australia Event Conference

  7. Some awesome photos Kylie. Congrats on your first sale ribbon. Was an awesome weekend :)

  8. Great photos Kylie. Hmm, I think I have some better ones somewhere though... (:

  9. LOL, Bec, there were some my inner editor refused to post (if only to protect the guilty!)!!! :-P

  10. I've been waiting to see more photos of the conference! Thank you so much, Kylie for both these!

  11. No problemo, Mary.

    I believe the RWA blog lists some other members who may have posted some photo's. I know Rowena May O'Sullivan has done this on her blog too. :-)