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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Month of HOT Heroes (Final)

Well, you've all voted - the tally is in.

Here are your top 5 finalists for the Month of HOT Heroes!

Hero #1

Hero #2

Hero #3

Hero #4

Hero #5

Which one will reign supreme? It's up to you - pick the Hero of the Month and put your choice in the comment section to make it count.

Thank you for participating, anyone who voted (during the heats), your name is going into a draw for a surprise PRIZE PACK. I'll also announce the winner of that next week, too.

Stay tuned!


  1. OMG...TOO HARD!!!
    Seriously too hard, especially when the really HOT ones aren't there! oh well each to their own ;P
    Hhmmm I'm going to have to pick......#4
    He looks about ready to pounce, and I'm feeling frisky!!

    Thanks for 'employing' me to help pick the hotties, man you're a taskmaster!!!


  2. Holy smoke! Not sure how many replies you'll get, Kylie. I reckon we might all be dithering of this one. :) However, I shall cast my vote for Hero # 2.

  3. I'm a #2 fan too...although it has taken me lots of looking, scrolling back and forth, umming and ahhing!!

    You give us such difficult tasks, Kylie!

    Thanks for the fun :)


  4. This has been alot of fun! I'm waffling, but it's #2. If you can find the rest of him for us, we'll be eternally grateful!

  5. I can't believe you expect us to choose. LOL! Wrap them all up to go. Okay, If I had to choose...it would be number two.

    Talk about inspirational!

  6. Can't go past those dimples - number 1 :)

  7. You make it hard, Kylie. No. 3 for me.

  8. Hero number 3!!!
    This has been so much fun Kylie! =)

  9. Number 1 is cute but I have to go with number 4, since he's the man on my Egyptian book trailer.


  10. Dimples for me, too...No1. Thanks for the fun, Kylie!

  11. No 1 for me...it's those eyes :D

  12. Numero uno Kylie. Think in this round it's Sakis Rouvas.

  13. #4! I like the intense look in his eyes.

  14. Hi Kylie,
    Interesting to see where people's tastes lie. These guys are all impressive and the choice - nigh on impossible. However, to help you in this tight judging decision...NUMBER THREE!!!
    He's hot, he's gorgeous, looks ready for action...and I love his designer stubble. THREE all the way. (If he doesn't win, can I take him home and console him? :])Thanks for the entertainment.

  15. Oh dear I'm tossing between #1 and #4. Can I have both lol

    Think will go with #1 as he looks like fun as well as stunning

  16. #2....can we see the rest of him? :-)

  17. Number 2 - without a doubt! Who said you could take pics of my hero without permission?? When did he pose for you??? *vbg* I'm going to have to talk to that man, ASAP.

    Next you'll be after my elf, too...