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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

GUEST AUTHOR: Maggie Mundy

Today I have Maggie Mundy, a fellow RWAustralia author - please make her feel welcome as she shares a post about her latest release, HIDDEN MORTALITY (now out with Soul Mate Publishing, October 2013).

Take it away, Rowena.

Maggie Mundy lives in Adelaide, Australia and is a member of Romance Writers of Australia, and the local chapter SARA (South Australian Romance Authors). She recently completed a Bachelor of Arts in Drama and English at Flinders University.

She had a short story published in the RWA Topaz Anthology Little Gems in 2010 called Sea and Vines. Over the past year she has had stories on line with Alfie dog in the UK and Antipodean SF in Australia. She has also performed for many years in corporate entertainment for which she wrote her own sketches which probably explains why her head is so full of characters.

She loves writing romance but thinks falling in love can be scary, especially in her stories where creatures of the night really exist.

As an introduction to a character from HIDDEN MORTALITY, today I'd like you to meet Seth the hero.

Name: Seth Scanlon.

Race: human.

Characteristics: At six foot five with a muscle-bound body and a shaved head one of the character in the novel describes him like Vin Diesel on a bad day. Of course they don’t know the demons he cares about his past.

Age: 35 for more than 200 years so far. When I stared to write this novel I always saw Seth as a combination of Kelly Slater and Vin Diesel. I have to admit I find them both yummy.


Background: Seth was born in the early 1800 in a small town called Trowbridge just outside of Bath where he trained with his father to be a blacksmith. He hated his father who was a drunk and beat his mother. She was found drowned in a local river and it was considered suicide. He swore he would never become like his father but he didn’t completely succeed.

His first true love Rosie was married when he met her. He was honourable and left her alone. When her husband died Seth was already in an unhappy marriage and starting to drink. His wife died in childbirth and Rosie was murdered. His life was spiralling out of control

Rosie was killed in a ritual that was said to provide immortality to the killers. She had witch blood and granted the gift of immortality to Seth as well. She asks him to protect her descendants and find the killers.

Two hundred and more years have passed and Seth still searches and watches over Rosie’s descendants. Recently his need to find Rosie’s killer has changed because he has fallen in love with her descendant Cara.

Interesting facts: Seth can only kill the other immortal who murdered Rosie with a dagger he fixed. He does not know the whereabouts of the dagger. When he kills the murderer he will die himself. That was fine with him until he met Cara.  Below you can see the cover for Hidden Mortality that will be out with Soul Mate Publishing in November. I actually like the fact that Seth’s face is not completely shown as it gives the reader the ability to fill in the rest of the details.

A witch is murdered in 1850 in a ritual that will grant longevity to four men. What they are not aware of is that she has bestowed the same power to another called Seth to avenge her death.
Cara lives in present day Bristol, and is a descendant of the witch. Having been unlucky in love she fills her days with food with her Irish themed catering business. Her nights are another matter; they are full of erotic dreams of a mysterious lover, or nightmares with mutilated bodies. So this wasn’t the best time for her Nana to tell her she is coming into her power.

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