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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Flooding in Australia - NSW's turn!

Twelve months ago, the eyes of all were focused on Queensland and the devastating floods affecting much of their state.

Again this year they've had flooding rains, but this time they've also moved much further south, across the border into much of Northern New South Wales.

NSW SES website has up to date information

Maitland floods 1955
The North Coast, New England, North West Slopes & Plains and Western regions have been hit and many shires within these areas have been declared natural distaster zones.

Moree (Feb.2012)
The news bulletins are touting these flooding events to rival those that hit Australia in 1955, and in some places, the flooding has exceded these record levels.

Moree area, Feb.2012

What was shaping up to be a bumper year in the farming community has, once again, been thwarted by Mother Nature.

The ripple effect from these floods will be felt for years to come. Again.

SES & RFS crews sand-bagging a house
My thoughts and prayers go out to those who have had their lives disrupted by the flooding, been evacuated, or suffered flood damage to their properties and livestock.

And to the emergency services helping these people - please, stay safe!!!

For those needing help in floods and storms ring the SES 132500 (Australia only).

Weather system feeding the flood events


  1. The weather is really crazy right now....hope everybody stays safe :)

  2. I am so tired of grey skies and wet days... but we are fortunate that we've missed the worst of the rain here. That huge band of rain that's been moving down from the north-west for the past couple of days has mostly missed us, passing just south. So we're nowhere near as badly affected as so much of the north of the state is.

  3. Lots of evacuations happening in places like WeeWaa, Barraba, Moree and surrounds today. :-(

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