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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Who's that girl? Interview - Angi Morgan

In the hot seat this week is a girl from mid-western USA!

And there's a give-away!!!

Name? Angi Morgan

Where are you? North Texas, USA

How many years have you been a member of RWAmerica®? Since 1999, became active in 2000. I’ve served on my local chapters (as president in ’09) and even the national board. I actually loved running the volunteers for the national Literacy For Life book signing four years for RWA®.

What genre do you write? Romantic suspense for Harlequin Intrigue. 

Who are your favourite authors? There are too many to name. Seriously, I’d offend a friend if I didn’t include them. So let’s just say I have an eclectic reading palate. Give me a great hero and a strong heroine and I’ll read about them in any setting: space, Scotland, Manhattan, Wyoming or Texas.

What inspired you to write romance? I was borrowing books from the library, running through all the Sydney Sheldon’s and realized there was no character growth. In most of the books, the characters were right back to the beginning of their life, but it might be years later? Who wants to be that person? No matter what happens in our life, I hope we learn something--anything--to move forward and not make the same mistakes over and over...right?

Then I grabbed an old romance off my own shelf...something I went back to, something that always made me feel good. I LOVE HAPPILY EVER AFTERS. The characters don’t have to propose, get married, and the author can leave the ending open-ended. Just as long as I can imply that they have a Happily Ever After and I’m good.

Who's your dream agent and/or dream publisher? I actually achieved that last year. Jill Marsal of Marsal Lyon Literary asked to represent me. And Allison Lyons of Harlequin Intrigue is my editor. I’d met Allison waaaayyy back in 2001. I’ve always admired her. Jill and I clicked (something you really want in the person who represents you professionally).

What's the best thing about going to conference? Being around a couple of thousand people who all hear the voices too. You may think I’m kidding, but being around others who think like you, who know that you may be plotting a murder at the same time you’re walking through a state fair with a foot-long corn-dog stick and not think anything’s weird.

And then there’s seeing my on-line friends from all over the world, even if for a drink in the bar. But I’m certain that the best thing about 2011 will be signing my books at the Literacy For Life book signing for the first time.

And lastly, finish these statements...
My greatest strength as a writer is...
plotting. I really enjoy helping my friends get past a place where they’re stuck.
A sexy hero needs...a strong heroine to keep him in his place. Naw...heroes need the vulnerable spot that can only be made complete by the heroine who falls in love with them.
My latest WIP (work in progress) is about...three business partners who make an amazing discovery. One’s kidnapped. Another is whisked away by a U.S. Marshal. And the last is left alone. Each have their own amazing journey. Now I just need to convince my senior editor.
When I write I like to...listen to the same play list through the entire WIP. The playlist draws me right back into the story. Each play list for each book is different and when I hear the music--even years later--I’m taken right back to the vivid images in my head that made me write the story.
My best writing milestone to date is...maybe it’s all of 2010? Selling to Intrigue? Or maybe writing my second book in two months? Winning the Golden Heart®? Or seeing my favorite characters actually on the bookshelf? Being nominated for a Romantic Times First Series Book?  Honestly, there are too many milestones to count in the past year. That’s right--one year. I signed with Harlequin on December 1st, 2009.

Angi, thanks for taking the hot seat!
Thanks for having me today, Kylie. It’s always a pleasure. I'm happy to answer any questions...just might take me a little while since I’m on a different continent. >>vbg<< 
I’d love to hear what people think of HILL COUNTRY HOLDUP or .38 CALIBER COVER-UP. Drop me an email at Angi@AngiMorgan.com, visit my website, or friend me on Facebook.

And for those leaving a comment today, a special extra bonus! Angi has generously donated an electronic Advanced Reading Copy of .38 CALIBER COVER-UP. Thanks, Angi!

To get the ball rolling, she has a question for readers: WHAT WAS YOUR BEST MOMENT IN 2010?


  1. How fantastic to read about Angi's wonderfully successful year in 2010. A milestone year indeed! I look forward to reading her Intrigues.

  2. Oops, didn't see the question!
    From a writing perspective, my best moment was discovering the book First Draft in 30 Days and working out I could plot a whole book. That was fantastic.
    On the personal front, getting a Border Collie puppy - Ruby is very sweet and cute!

  3. Hey, Angi, :-)

    Lovely to put a face to the name. Wow, you've had a great 2010. Here's hoping 2011 is even better for you.

    From a writing perspective my best moments have been the times I've spent with my critique partners at our writing retreats. As you say, it's wonderful to know other people hear those voices too. I also have to put the discovery of the book "Thinkertoys" up there too.

    On the personal side, celebrating our thirty-first wedding anniversary was a real blast--not because we did anything special, but because it meant I'd had another year with the man I love. Nothing compares with that.

  4. Hi Cate,

    Ohh, that book FIRST DAFT IN 30 DAYS is one I have on my shelf but I haven't found the time to read intensively. I've flipped through it and there are some awesome ideas in it.

    Border Collies are such sweeties - I bet yours tries to round up everything in sight.

  5. Gracie! Your reference shelf must be groaning - how come you keep finding all these great resource books??? Those writing retreats sounds like heaven. I wish I could do something like that. Sigh.

    What a wonderful milestone anniversary - 31 years. Hugs to you and Jem. Pat for Maggie.

  6. Hi Cate -- nice to cyber-meet you. :-)
    Sadly, the low-point in 2010 was losing my first pet (ever--really). Yes...neither my busband or I had ever had a dog or cat on our own. In '98 we bought a new home with the perfect large yard for a pet and we rescued LOGAN. The best friend I've ever had. He died on April 1st of bone cancer.

    Strangly, his death created another layer to my writing that I hadn't experienced before. My husband looked at the tree this year, saw Logan's ornament, teared up and said: If you'd told me 10 years ago that just looking at an ornament would make me cry about a dog...I would have said you're crazy.

    I hopy your Collie brings you as much love and friendship !! Okay...back to no-tearville :-)

    I buy reference books, thumb through, but have a tendacy not to read them...I'm envious that you put yours to use and it really helped.


  7. Gracie !!

    You have an unfair advantage now...you know what color my hair is. :-)

    I absolutely adore writing retreats and live plotting sessions. I recently was told by Delores Fossen that I'm an audible plotter--having to bounce ideas around and once they're formulated...I'm fine with the idea growing organically from that original brain-storming session.

    Nice to finally have a name for what I do. The conversation came about because I mentioned that I got to page 199 (out of 230) for .38 Caliber Cover-Up and said: Oh...so you're the villian. Laugh it up, but it keeps the fun in my writing. hahaha


  8. What a fantastic year, Angi! So many successes and so well deserved.

    I like the idea of an audible plotter. I certainly learn in a very auditory way so maybe I should try talking my plot through some more!

    My best moment for 2010 was seeing Border Watch in an unsuspecting reader's hand on board on aircraft I was flying! I was ecstatic :-)

  9. (Still awake, but seeking sleep...lol)

    That is sooooo cool, Helene ! Congratulations for that moment. (I want one just like it.)

    I have to share my most unusual compliment. I come from a small town and one of the men from the church I attended (my mom's age) came into the bookstore during a signing. Now, he was there to buy a different book, but bought mine (to be the southern gentleman).

    That next Sunday, my mom called to tell me that Mr. Trego had stopped her in church...letting her know he'd read my book. (ruh roh) The conversation went something like this:
    Mr. T--I wanted a short break yesterday and got curious about Angi's book, so I sat down thinking I'd skim through it.

    (My heart did palpatations--there's a sex scene--it's a romance!)

    Mom--What did you think?

    Mr. T--I only planned on reading for a couple of minutes, just to see what it was like.

    (mom assures me there was a long pause)

    Mr. T--Did you know your daughter CAN write?

    Mom--Yes. (she laughs)

    Mr. T--I read that whole entire book. Then got up, walked across the living room and told my wife, "You gotta read this!"

    NOT A HALF BAD recommendation from a 67 year old man! LOVIN' IT !


  10. Hi Helene, what a thrill seeing your book in someone's hands on a your flight. Did you own up to being the author? I wonder if the reader would have enjoyed meeting you?

    Oh, Angi, that's a wonderful backhanded compliment! Like you I live in a small town, and I'm curious as to what sort of feedback people are going to impart when my books come out. Not sure what to expect. There's a lot of proud friends who know I write but "knowing" and "reading then knowing" is another thing!!! LOL

  11. Hi Angi and Kylie,
    Both of you are an inspiration to me to keep going. I have to say, the highlight moment of 2010 was finaling in the GH. The affirmation was such a gift. After years of rejections it was truly appreciated. And I'll never forget the cute email card you sent me Angi. I was new to all this and it was so welcoming. Best to all in 2011!-Mary L.

  12. Wow, Kylie, you really did put Angi on the hot seat. Who's her favorite author? Talk about ... put your little ol head in this guillotine over here and say, "Ah." :) Fabulous interview, and very, very proud and happy about your success. Great interview, Kylie. You're smokin' ;)

  13. Glad to be an inspiration !
    And thanks...I needed kind words today (chapter contest is taking waaaayyy too much of my time.).

    Here's to another great year, Mary !

  14. Hi Mary, it's amazing how something like being a finalist in a writing comp. can be enough of a pick-me-up to keep your energies going to keep writing, eh? 2010 is a year few of the "Unsinkables" will ever forget!!!

    Hot seat indeed, Donnell, nothing like putting someone under pressure - makes my guests "creative" in their responses if nothing else (insert evil laugh). Angi has had a fabulous year, eh?

    Thanks, ladies, for popping in and saying hi! :-)

  15. Best moment from 2010? That's easy. Selling my debut novel to Carina Press.

  16. Hey Donnell -- as soon as your book comes out, I'm going to have to add you to my list :-) that I can't possibly choose from !!

    Thanks for stopping by.
    I'm noticing that it's early morning on Friday ... but I'll keep chatting as long as others drop in.


  17. Janni, first sales are great aren't they? Whether by phone call or email you end up with a huge case of shock and "let me just hear/read that again". And then there's the tears!!! :-)

  18. Congrats on the sell, Janni ! Give details !

    My best bud, Amy Atwell sold to Carina this past year and has had a very great experience with them!


  19. Thank you for having me, Kylie. This has been lots of fun. Good things happened in 2010. My New Year's wish for everyone is to have a more successful 2011 !! One step at a time and we'll get there.


  20. Angi, it's been fabulous having you visit Down Under! (virtually speaking - LOL). May 2011 being you more contracts and success!

  21. Hi Angi and Kylie
    Loved reading about Angi and getting to know her.

    Well there were so many highs, but professionally, it was winning the Romance Writers of Australia Lynne Wilding Meritorious Award for services to the romance writing industry :)))

    Personally, it was watching my eldest son graduate with a double degree in Law and Science from the University of Melbourne, followed four months later by watching him being admitted to practice as a lawyer of the Supreme Court of Victoria :))))


  22. Serena, what a moment that was hearing your name announced as the winner of the LWMS award! A very deserving recipient!

    And I saw your proud photos on FB the other day when you posted them - congrats on both counts!

  23. Hi Angi and Kylie - I'm very late to post my comment but I'd just like to say congratulations Angi! I love reading suspense and intrigue so I'll be watching out for you to arrive on our shelves DownUnder!