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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aussie Humour

There's no doubt about it, the Aussie larrikin sense of humour is alive and well despite the devastating floods afflicting our country at the moment.

After so many sad and disheartening moments in the last few weeks, I found this shot on one of the news websites.

King Wally lives on - thanks to some floaties, a snorkel and goggles!
The photo is a statue of Wally Lewis, Queensland rugby league football legend and icon, holding aloft the State of Origin shield. It's placed outside Suncorp Stadium in the state's capital city of Brisbane. The stadium was flooded but it seems King Wally survived, thanks to some generous soul.

Thank you for the laugh.


  1. Saw this one yesterday Kylie, its a beauty! Trying to find the definitive larrikan sign from the '74 floods (which I lived through and remember all too well). It sure defined how everyone felt afterwards. Will post when I find it.

  2. Kylie,
    It's funny and a relief even for those of us far removed from what our Australian friends are going through. Things like this are sometimes the only things that get us through disasters. Thanks for sharing. And prayers and blessings to everyone!

  3. Hey Kylie, here's that picture I was talking about. It really epitomised the larrikan spirit in the dark days after the floods when everyone pulled together to help each other clean up. The mess was just awful, raw sewerage flowing through people's homes and all that mud!


  4. Love the wry sense of humour in both the King Wally photo and the For Sale sign. Joke emails have started arriving from people who've been flooded as well and you have to admire the tenacity that lets them laugh at a time like this.

    I too remember those '74s, CC, and the incredible community spirit that seemed to keep on growing. As with this flood, towns south of the border also took a hit. I can remember Dad bundling us all into the car a few weeks later and driving down to Murwillumbah to have lunch and buy a few things because 'the businesses need shoppers'. At the time, as an eleven year old, I thought it was odd. Now I understand what he was trying to do. It became a regular weekend trip to head over the Tweed River and have a yarn and a bite to eat at a different town.

  5. They asked Wally for his comment. He had a sense of humour about it and said something to the effect that with the current size of his (behind), he'd need bigger floaties than these!
    Well done Wally.

  6. You dad's an inspiration, Helene! What a wonderful attitude, and I hope people today are just as considerate. That tale would make a great post for your blog, Helene!

    Zoe, I had such a laugh at your comment - good on King Wally for his sense of humour. Thanks for sharing!