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Friday, January 29, 2010

Write What You Know

How many times have I heard that saying bandied around? Lots. Heaps. Oodles.

Well, this particular saying certainly applies to the guest author visiting my blog on Tuesday, 2nd February. Debut Aussie author, Helene Young, is dropping by to chat about her exciting career as the captain of a Dash-8 for Qantaslink and her first release BORDER WATCH, published by Hachette Australia.

Living in sunny, tropical Cairns with her husband, she writes gripping romantic suspense. Strangely enough (grin*) her heroine and hero are a border security pilot and customs agent involved in keeping our shores safe from international threats.

Helene's also giving away a copy of her debut book. So, in the interest of broadening her horizons tell her about your favourite place in Australia and why she should visit it! Comments close 3pm, Sunday 7th Feb. The lucky person will be announced on my blog by Tuesday, 9th Feb.

Mark the dates everyone and good luck!!! You won't be disappointed!


  1. Darn it, I posted a long message and it wouldn't load!!
    Helen, I mentioned the Buchan caves which is a little known tourist spot that rivals any of the Australian caves I've seen - and beautiful countryside!

  2. Hi Mel, you're early! Buchan caves -do they have bats? I love those little micro bats that hang off the ceiling in the Undara Lava tubes. Mind you, not so keen on them when they end up in my hair...

  3. I'm at the other end of Australia - South Australia and while it's a fairly arid landscape in contrast to far north Queensland there are some special places here too. They are not maybe as spectacular or immediately beautiful as the Great Barrier Reef or Sydney Harbour but they have a strong magic. My most favourite place is Kangaroo Island. It's a wilderness/tourism and sheep farming island situated in icy blue Southern Ocean with masses of seals, sea lions and rockpools full of life. There are no foxes or feral cats on the island and so there are plenty of echidnas and smaller mammals as well as kangaroos and koalas. It feels so alive and everywhere you look you can see what the mainland would have looked like before feral predators. There are great bushwalks, windswept lighthouses, eery cemetries, pelicans and views far out to sea. You can fly or put your car on a roll on-roll off ferry with the sheep transports and hold on because it's always a turbulent ride - which is part of the adventure for me. I have a friend, older than me, who was born on the island and remembers the circus coming to the Kangaroo Island and the old ferry approaching the island's harbour with the circus elephant standing sturdily on the deck. I love the place and always want to go back.