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Monday, December 13, 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas

It's that time of year again when chaos begins creeping up on us all.

Is anyone else feeling a bit like the (stuffed) Christmas turkey at the thought that Christmas is only 2 weeks away?

To alleviate the stress I thought I'd write a light-hearted list of 12 things to do in the lead up to Christmas.

12 hunky guys to oogle in their Santa suits
11 Chrissy cakes to bake (with the hunky guys' assisting)
10 Telstra calls to make on Christmas Day
9 TBR books to get through
8 mins to finish this list before my self imposed internet time limit is reached
7 Christmas lights to string outside (with the hunky guys' help again)
6 cupboards to search for missing decorations
5 new tinsel bits to buy (to replace the ones my cats shredded)
4 garden beds to weed (with the hunky guys, so the house looks good for Christmas)
3 cats to brush (so they don't shed too badly in clean house)
2 books to write (with hunky guys in them)
1 new Christmas tree to resurrect (after the cats try to climb it - again - for the 3rd year in a row)

What's on your list this year? Are they naughty or nice? ;-)


  1. Kylie,
    Those 12 hunky guys.... I'd rather oggle them as they get out of their Santa suits. But maybe that's just me (grins).

    Have a great Christmas!


  2. LOL!! I think 7 & 4 should read, "WATCH hunky, half naked guys hang lights and weed gardens..." *huge grin* Nothing better than sitting on the veranda with a glass of red and watching something yummy get physical...and sweaty...
    Michelle :p

  3. ROFLMAO - Know any hunky guys who might volunteer, Michelle???

  4. Where do we find one in this neck of the woods?

    Sigh...Do you think he would mow my lawn for me?

    Think I'll write to Santa. Maybe he will put one in my chrissy stocking. I've been veerry good!!!

  5. With the floods around and roads closing chances are good we can snag ourselves a couple of "Santa'guys", Robyn.

    And I'm pretty sure they can mow lawns...without their shirts...*grin*