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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Who's that girl? Interview - Jenn J.McLeod

Welcome to the first in my "Who's that girl?" Interview series!

This is a chance for you to get to know some authors, published and unpublished, from three great writing organisations - the Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of New Zealand and Romance Writers of America.

The first guest in my blog hot seat hails from Australia.
Name? Jenn J.McLeod

Where are you? Country NSW, Australia - I run a B&B called Wagtail Cottage for people who travel with their pets.

How many years have you been a member of RWOz? On and off - around five years?

What genre do you write? Ahhhh! Yes...well...took me a while to work this genre thing out because I didn't seem to write 'anything in particular' (and...shhh!!...don't tell anyone, but I discovered I don't write romance - uh-oh!) The very first rejection letter referred to my ms as 'women's fiction'. Most helpful rejection I ever got.

Who are your favourite authors? Anyone who can teach me something as I read as much for entertainment as I do for education. So....Bronwyn Parry was like an epiphany, then came Helene Young, Lisa Heidke, Monica McInerney and Rachael Treasure (to name a few). The list continues to grow, with Fran Cusworth being my latest inspiration.

What inspired you to write romance? Danielle Steele and Nora Roberts encouraged me to write my first story many, many years ago. It was a romance and it sucked. (I told you...I don't do romance and I admire those who can.)

Who's your dream agent and/or dream publisher?OMG - I have just signed with my dream agency - Curtis Brown (Aussie, Aussie, Aussie oi, oi, oi). My dream publisher? Well, that will be the one who loves my book.! I'm very slutty that way. LOL

What's the best thing about going to conference? I ain't been to one yet :-( . Hopefully Melbourne 2011.

And lastly, finish these statements...
My best writing milestone to date is...I have two: RWA Bootcamp for giving me the courage and the tools to attempt Nano 2009 (which is when I wrote my current agented novel - A House For All Seasons)
My latest WIP (work in progress) is...I am doing a second Calingarry Crossing novel  (The Simmering Season: It's summer storm season and the town of Calingarry Crossing is sweltering.)

Jenn, it's been a pleasure having you here as our first Who's that girl? interviewee!
Thanks for having me, Kylie.

If you'd like to find out more about Jenn, check out her blog!


  1. Congrats on being accepted by Curtis Brown, Jenn, and so glad you've worked out what genre you write! I know that particular dilemma... And nothing slutty about loving the publisher that publishes you :-) I'd call that pragmatic!!

    Happy Christmas and all the best to both of you for 2011 - you're blogs have kept me entertained all year :-)

  2. Lovely to get to know you, Jenn! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas and that the New Year brings you an "OMG, I love her stories!" dream publisher!

  3. Hi there ladies!
    Great interview Kylie and Jenn. It's so wonderful that you've signed on with CB, Jenn, I truly wish you all the best with it...
    And hope to catch you at the conference, it'll be my first one too!

  4. Hey Helene, Maree & Jess - you guys are certainly quick off the mark this morning! Early birds! But thanks for dropping by and welcoming Jenn to my blog.

    Glad you've enjoyed the interviews, Helene. They've consistently been my most popular posts over the year according to my stats.

    I'm counting down to the next conference, Jess! Can't wait!

  5. LOL Jenn re who your dream publisher would be :)

  6. Hi friends,

    How lovely to come home from a day of research (yes, I drove to the lovely town of Ulmarra, about 1.5 hours away and my inspiration for my town of 'Calingarry Crossing', where I had a great lunch (more research)at the pub on the river) to find you'd dropped in to say hi to Kylie and me.

    Good lord! That picture is way too big, Kyles LOL. Almost as big as that first sentence of mine.

    What fun this is. Congrats on your success too, K. What exciting times.

  7. Jenn, I love your mug shot! Whoever took it really has great composition skills. That wooden post and your gingham patterned blouse adds authenticity to your branding.

  8. What a great interview! I love finding new authors to cheer on!

  9. Hey, Gillian, great to see you here! Thanks for dropping in!

  10. G'day Gillian. I love a cheery cheering new friend. Happy to accetp all cheers and positive vibes. Have a great Christmas.
    Kylie, I took the shot LOL

  11. Author and photographer! Woohoo! We have a lot in common, Jenn. :-)

    I've just guest blogged about my passion for photography over at The Gifted Gecko blogsite - http://www.thegiftedgecko.com/1/post/2010/12/whats-your-pastime.html