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Saturday, October 15, 2011

ALLIANCE FORGED...drum roll please!

Show & tell time!!!

The Berkley art department have excelled again! 

I'm absolutely stoked with this cover - love the colors, the detail, the carry-over style from Bk#1 (Gene Mollica is a genius!), and Varian is a hero to die for - sigh!

(Book #2 in the Light Blade series)
Berkley Sensation
Release date JULY 2012

There is no mercy in the demon realm. No escape. In this place of desperation and conflict, anyone who is not purebred is virtually powerless. Until a blind priestess lays claim to a half-breed warrior, body and soul…

Hunted and marked for death by Na’Reish demons for their half-blood heritage, the Na’Chi are searching for a new home—something an alliance offered by the human leader could provide. With both races divided by prejudice, when Light Blade rebels brutally attack the Na’Chi, the alliance seems doomed to fail.

Varian, leader of the Na’Chi, a hybrid race of gifted warriors, is cursed with the darker impulses of his demon heritage. Controlling the part of himself that craves the high of the battle is a struggle he’s afraid he’ll lose—until he meets Kymora Tayn, a priestess driven to serve her deity. While he’s unwilling to trust anyone outside his people, he finds himself drawn to Kymora’s strength and passionate nature, and discovers she has the power to calm the darkness inside him.

When the Na’Reish raid human territory for blood-slaves and kickstart a war, the key to the survival of both races—Na’Chi and human— is an alliance. However, when Kymora is kidnapped, pitting human against human, Varian realizes he must embrace his darker half, not only to save the alliance…but also the woman he loves.


  1. Love this cover, Kylie. The colours are beautiful, as is a certain hunky looking hero!

  2. OMG!!!!!! That is one STUNNING cover!!! And the book sounds great too!

    Can't wait to read these Kylie, congrats =)

  3. Gorgeous! I'd pick it up in the shops to read the back on the basis of that cover alone. Yay!

  4. Wow! Kylie, its fabulous! Love the cover & the blurb!
    Suz Hamilton

  5. Beautiful cover, Kylie! Congrats :)

    He's one mean but hot looking dude!!


  6. Gorgeous! the sense of light in the cover is amazing. Great work. Congrats!!!

  7. Wow, Kylie! The cover fairy has smiled on you again! This is absolutely gorgeous!

  8. Love this cover, Kylie. All the best for the release.

  9. Oh
    It looks GAW-JUS!!!!!!! and it sounds great too!!!
    I cant wait for Jan to read Vengeance Born first though
    Congrats Kylie :)

  10. Congratulations on another fabulous cover, Kylie! Berkley art certainly produce absolutely stunning ones :-) Love the blurb too, can't wait to start reading this series! (great cover quote too!!)

  11. Can see why you're stoked, Kylie. Fantastic cover!

  12. Gorgeous cover, Kylie - wahoo - thats going to fly off the shelves.

    Well done to both you and Berkley!

    Bye 4 now

  13. Wow Wow - fabulous dreamy cover. I can't wait for the book to come out. TBR...

  14. Great cover. Almost got a hint of Avatar about it. He's something you could look at for a loooong time!

  15. Thanks, everyone, for your comments.

    Nicki & Cathryn, the colors are what caught my eye first when I saw it - I love green, it's my fav.color.

    So glad Varian gets the sighs of approval from you. As Christina said Berley art dept. really do its author's proud, from concept to conception, and the cover artists they commission are brilliant translators.

    The wonderful artist is Gene Mollica - he's a guest on my blog on Oct.20th, so you can learn more about how he does these sorts of covers then.

    You may even recognise some of the artwork as he's done quite a few covers for publishers & paranormal & historical romance authors.

  16. Fantastic cover Kylie. I love the cover as much as the first!

  17. Lovely cover, Kylie! You have every reason to be delighted!!

  18. Wow, another fabulous cover. Congratulations, Kylie.

  19. On the basis of cover alone, it's a stand out. The story has me intrigued too. Look forward to reading it.

  20. Congratulations, Kylie. Gorgeous cover! The first thing that struck me was his eyes. They blaze right through you.

  21. Juanita, those eyes are riveting, eh?

    Sue, thanks for the cover kudos and I'm thrilled the blurb has you intrigued. I had a LOT of fun writing Kymora & Varian's story.

  22. A picture says a thousand words, Kylie, but I can only think of one. Yum!

    May it gain you lots of attention and great sales :)

  23. Amanda, 'yum' IS a good (and popular) word for Varian. :-)

  24. It's stunning, Kylie. I don't read the genre, but he would entice me to pick him up off the shelf!!

  25. Kylie, he - oops, I mean *it* (lol) - is stunning. GREAT cover! Unbelievable follow-up to the first one. Your covers realy are fantastic. I'd be framing them if I were you!

  26. Toni, so good to hear this sort of reaction! :-)

    Thanks, Eleni and Maggie. I'm working on the framing bit - it would be a nice Chrissy present, eh?

  27. After the gorgeousness of VB, I wondered how they could possibly come up with another as wonderful - well - sigh....
    Gorgeous seems too weak a word...
    Congratulations Kylie! When can we pre-order? I've a feeling I'm going to be wanting it after I devour VB : )
    Lucky you to have Nalini put her stamp of approval on there too. Excellent stuff!

  28. LaVerne, I'm not sure yet when I'll get the pre-order details but as soon as I know I'll post the information here and on my blog.

    Thanks for the thumbs up on the cover!