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Saturday, October 22, 2011


Eve Summers is the erotica pen name of Yvonne Eve Walus. Both have written over twenty books between them and they're addicted to words and chocolate.

Welcome, Eve, to my blog! Let's learn a little more about you and one of your books. 

About the book...
Title -

Tanya doesn't want to be distracted from becoming the first post-grad in her family, even if Andy's bad boy aura fascinates her more than her research project. When the delicious island cocktails of tropical fruit, cream and vodka, together with their naughty names prove not to be enough to break the ice barrier Tanya has built around herself, will Andy try harder or turn to the comforting arms of a gold-digging redhead? 

Setting - seaside resort on a blissfully warm Fiji island.
Hero - The tall, dark and devastatingly handsome Andy, who acts line a poker table conman but is a medical doctor when not on holiday.
Heroine - Ice Queen Tanya, who's afraid of relationships, particularly with younger guys like Andy.

Scene you would never cut -

“Your drink, madam.”
    The holiday resort wasn’t big on whisky. Tanya took one sniff, then a small
sip. She pulled a face. It was all right to drink, but all wrong with
    Kind of like Andy. He would be all right as a one-night stand, but all
wrong to fall in love with.
    Careful, girl. Don’t even think it.
“May I?” Andy’s hand was already on the whisky tumbler.
    “Take it easy. This stuff is for big boys.” She had meant his age, but as soon as the words were out of her mouth, she’d noticed the double entendre.
    “Was that a fishing comment, Tanya-Anne?”
    She felt the heat rising all the way from her toes, but she rode it out.
“Now that you mention it...”
    “Don’t worry. I am a big boy.” Not a trace of boasting. And no way of knowing which way he meant it.
     “Promises, promises,” she teased.
    Andy raised the glass to the light. “Nothing I can’t deliver.”
    Ye gods.
    He took his time with the whisky like a connoisseur, or like a lover relishing the moment. As Tanya watched his mouth draw near to the amber liquid, she wanted him enough to sign away her soul. “This is ghastly.” Andy put down the glass with an exaggerated shudder. “Smells like roach bait. Come to my room, Tanya-Anne. I have something much better than Glenlivet.”
    Tanya eyed the tightness of his jeans. “I’m sure you do.” 

Something your hero or heroine would never do or say:
Andy is terribly self-assured when it comes to his prowess in the bedroom - and with reason! He would never say, "I'm average in bed." 

What's one quirky thing about your hero/heroine?
Andy is a top poker player, but he never cashes in his wins.

What do you think the readers will like about this book?
Every chapter is named after a cocktail and includes the recipe for the cocktail. This comes from Chapter Five of KISS ME SLOW.

The Kiss Me Slow Cocktail Recipe
4 oz white rum
2 oz triple sec
1 oz lemon juice
Stir ingredients together into an old-fashioned glass, and serve. 

What's next for you?
I have 11 titles with Red Rose Publishing, and 2 more upcoming: SPEED DATING IN THE COLD, as well as MR RIGHT ONLINE. 

About you...
Favorite movie of all time - Love Story.
Favorite fairytale - Sleeping Beauty.
Favorite story to disappear into - my own!
Favorite TV program - LOST (Andy's backside is inspired by Sawyer's).
First book you remember reading - The Moomintroll books.
Dog or cat person (or other) - Cat.
Author (living or dead) you'd most like to meet - Joshilyn Jackson.
A romantic retreat for you would be... Definitely a Fiji holiday resort!
What do you do to unwind or relax? Take a walk on the beach, scuba dive,
What era would you like to time travel and visit? And why? Ancient Rome. There is something about the Roman decadence, the banquet food (liver of a capon steeped in milk dressed with pepper) and the orgies....
What does love mean to you? Love is fire.

Kylie, thank you for this opportunity!
It's been my pleasure, Eve. Thank you for participating, it's been a hoot learning more about you.

If anyone would like to know more about Eve, here are some links!
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And she has a book trailer for "Fiji on Fire, Fiji on Ice" 

Some of Eve's other books:

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  1. Hi Eve, (*waves* to Kylie)

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