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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Day of the Dragon!

Ever celebrated a personal milestone by doing something special or meaningful?

Some people crack open a bottle of bubbly, some might buy a piece of bling or a momento of some sort.

I decided when I received that elusive book contract I would get a tattoo - of a dragon! I researched tattoo artists and found one on the Gold Coast - Tony Ranger at Skin FX.

They're on Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/pages/Skin-fx-tattoos/130730783645775
After looking at the pictures I'd brought along, Tony drew the dragon freehand on my forearm, then began working on it.

The whole design took 5hrs from start to finish (a marathon effort on both our parts!!!). After the third hour my arm was beginning to feel tender. The last hour and a half was the most trying. The yellow shading and the wings were on very sensitive parts of my arm.

These photos are the result after it was done.

My arm ended up swollen, and it hurt like the dickens but wow, what a fantastic tattoo!!! I'm thrilled with final result!!!


  1. That's awesome Kylie - WOW!!! That tattooist is amazing!

  2. Wowee, Kylie. That is some tattoo! But I love the dragon. Hope you are planning on a day with short sleeves at conference next year or you are going to get very tired taking off your jacket :)

  3. Feel very privileged to have witnessed the creation of *ahem,cough,Bob,cough* Long live Bob LMAO :-)

  4. WOW Kylie, that is the most gorgeous tattoo! He's beautiful. What an awesome present to give yourself - an ever-lasting reward! Can't wait to meet him in the flesh!


  5. The creation of Bob the Bold was wonderful indeed. All bow down to the bob-er-ific talents of Tony!!! Was a great day, Miz K.

  6. Looks more like Cedric than a Bob

  7. The dragon has yet to acquire a proper dragon name - *rolling eyes* at the dubbing of Bob. LOL

  8. Awesome Skin art Kylie - you don't do things by halves do you? 5 hours for your first tat is an amazing feat. :)

  9. So what's wrong with 'Bob', anyway???? Considering I'm in love with one... A Bob, not a dragon... BTW - did you know that BOB is a term that was/is used By airline stewardesses? I heard it an interview with a group of hoestesses one night on teev. Apparently the code was 'Bob's arrived; he's in row 5/seat 11 or whatever. It meant, "Best On Board" aka the cutest male passenger. LOL.

    BUT, I digress. Kylie, this is truly spectacular! It's certainly a memorable gift - and one that's with you always. Being a wimp though, I'll stick wth a charm bracelet! LOL. I am way too cowardly to go through that much pain. You are a goddess! Go you and congrats!

  10. Yay! Hey Kylie - I'm live and working! I got up a post under my own name!!!

    I think you get another tattoo to celebrate! This is indeed BIG! xx

  11. My goodness Kylie, that dragon tattoo is AWESOME! I didn't realise you can have a tattoo of that intricacy done in one sitting. Go you! Can't wait to see it in the flesh next August :-)

  12. Absolutely fabulous, Kylie. Congrats on getting 'Bob'. (I always think of Black Adder when I hear the name, Bob). You are one brave woman.

  13. LOL, Christina, considering I travelled 11hrs to the Gold Coast to get Bob done I wasn't going back for a second sitting!

    Kaz, wonderful to see the technical glitches have ironed themselves out and you're able to post responses! Yay!

    UPDATE: Bob has now lived up to his reptilian ancestors reputation and shed his skin (itch factor went as high as 8/10) and he is now revealed in all his resplendent, fearsome glory!

  14. Amazing, Kylie! It's beautiful, a true Beast Of Beauty. And here was I thinking cute, palm-of-the-hand size on the hip or shouder-blade. The coward I am is in awe of your courage not just for the 5 hrs!!! but the fact you said you were going to do something and you did it properly. Looking forward to seeing it in the flesh :)

  15. A lot of people thought the same thing Alison as you, even though I did say it was going on the length of my forearem! I don't think they believed me. LOL

    So does this mean I'll see you in Brizzy in August? Cool - can't wait! :-)