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Monday, October 24, 2011

GUEST AUTHOR: Christina Hollis

Christina Hollis loves romance - she met her husband on a blind date. It was one of the best things that has ever happened to her.

She lives in Gloucestershire, England, with her son, daughter, varying numbers of livestock and a very independent cat called Jinks.

Christina, welcome!
Thank you so much for agreeing to host me as part of my blog tour.

Let's jump right in and learn more about your latest book... 
Title - WEIGHT OF THE CROWN is Modern Romance for Harlequin Mills and Boon Limited.
It’s an October release in the UK, and later this year it will be available as a Harlequin Presents Extra in the US.

Setting - The fictional desert kingdom of Rosara, which translates as ‘Land of Roses’.
Hero - Lysander Kahani, Regent of Rosara, whose recently orphaned nephew, Ra’id, is the country’s child King.
Heroine - Alyssa Dene, new nanny to little Ra’id. 
Scene you would never cut - Oh, dear, I couldn’t bear to cut any of them! Each book I write becomes like a child to me while I’m working on it. Every scene a wanted scene, that’s my motto.
Something your hero or heroine would never do or say - Neither Lysander nor Alyssa would ever say “I can’t be bothered”. They are both totally dedicated to their work. Their attitude brings them into conflict when each refuses to succumb to the raw physical attraction that has betrayed them both in the past. 

What do you think the readers will like about this book? Both Alyssa and Lysander want a very twenty-first century relationship but they must both learn to give and take before they can find happiness. Everyday life is full of challenges, so I hope readers will enjoy escaping into a beautiful fantasy land of Rosara, where Lysander and Alyssa face huge challenges but their happy ever after is assured. 

Aust/NZ cover
Now duty is his only mistress...
For notorious playboy Prince Lysander Kahani, playtime is over… Left with a country to run, he draws the line at playing nanny to his orphaned nephew!
Instead he sends for a professional. But one glance at buttoned-up Alyssa Dene and Lysander’s wicked side re-emerges! Wary of Lysander’s scandalous reputation, Alyssa tries to keep her distance, but Lysander draws her like a moth to a flame.
Lysander is fighting a battle between public duty and private desire but Lysander is determined to make Alyssa a royal offer she won’t refuse… 

Buy links:
Amazon    Amazon UK      Mills & Boon     Mills and Boon Aust

UK cover
What's next for you?
Right now I’m putting the finishing touches to my next Modern Romance, which is all about Dario, an Italian count who has avoided commitment since the death of his fiancee some years ago.

It takes a brilliant university lecturer to show him that there’s more to life than partying. Josie has a string of qualifications but scores zero in life skills. Dario thinks he’s just the man to show her a good time, but Josie is afraid that enjoying herself will wreck her sensible image. She can't let go, but Dario loves a challenge!

About you... 
Favorite movie of all time - This is very difficult - writing is such a sedentary activity, I like to spend my free time moving about. I must really love any film if I’m going to sit still for a couple of hours, so it has to be either something mentally stimulating such as “Lawrence of Arabia” or totally frothy such as “Legally Blonde”. And of course who could resist “Casablanca”! 
Favorite fairytale - Cinderella. It’s lovely to imagine getting that magical makeover, and leave behind the daily chores to dance with a prince for a few hours. 
Favorite story to disappear into - “Far from the Madding Crowd” by Thomas Hardy.
Favorite TV program - “The Big Bang Theory” because my darling husband is a high achieving computer whizz, and it’s hilariously (and sometimes frighteningly) true to life. 
First book you remember reading - The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin, by Beatrix Potter. 
Dog or cat person (or other) - I love all animals, though we only have a cat, poultry and bees at the moment. 

Author (living or dead) you'd most like to meet - All of them - to find out what makes them tick but perhaps especially that complicated man, T.H White. ‘The Sword In The Stone’ was a set text at my secondary school, and from the moment I read his take on Maid Marian, my mother’s dreams of me becoming an air hostess were wrecked. Then J.R.R.Tolkein had Eowyn jump up and down on them, for good measure. 

A romantic retreat for you would be...A luxury chalet somewhere remote, with every modern convenience, a roaring log fire, and my gorgeous husband. 

What do you do to unwind or relax? Gardening and cooking are lifetime hobbies, and a few years ago I took up beekeeping - though that can be pretty stressful at times. It’s worse than having thousands of children to worry about! 

What era would you like to time travel and visit? And why? I love clever men, so it would have to be back to twelfth century Europe to meet William Marshal, Henry II and Henry’s great uncle, Robert Curthose. 

What does love mean to you? Consideration: physical, emotional and spiritual. To trust and be trusted in return. 

Where can readers find you on the web?
You can find out more about me at my website, blog, or follow me on Tumbler, Twitter and Facebook.
I also have an Author page created by Romance Book Paradise Promotions.

Christina, it's been lovely having you here.
Thank you for interviewing me, Kylie!

Some of Christina's other books:


  1. Another great interview Kylie, thanks.
    I always enjoy finding out more about the authors :)

  2. Hi Kylie, Christina.

    Great Interview. Its so much fun getting more about your favorite authors. Christina, the more i learn about 'The Weight of the Crown' the more i look forward to reading it.

  3. Great stuff as usual. Thanks ladies.

    Congrats on your release, Christina.

  4. Hi Cath, Kylie has a great site, doesn't she? It was lovely being interviewed by her.

  5. Hi, Sonali, thanks for your kind words!

  6. Hi Eleni, thank you for your congratulations. Every book I write is one of my 'babies' , so this is a very special time for me.

  7. Hi, ladies, thanks for dropping in to say g'day to Christina. Welcome Christina to my blog - a bit of a slow day comments-wise, here's to it picking up tomorrow. :-)

  8. "Weight of the Crown" sounds wonderful, Christina - I can't wait to get my hands on a copy! I laughed at your mention of Maid Marian and Eowyn, do you think there are shades of both characters in your heroines? All the best xXx

  9. Hi, Kylie, thanks so much for inviting me here today. I really enjoyed doing the interview!

  10. Thanks for your lovely comments, Ketinka. I like my heroines to show plenty of spirit. Modern Romance doesn't ask them to turn cartwheels or slay Witch-Kings, but I'm sure they'd all be up to the tasks if necessary ;)

  11. Great interview. Congratulations on your book release, Christina. It looks great. I have to say I love the UK cover.

  12. Thanks, Kiru - a handsome man and a crown: it's a great combination, isn't it?

  13. Hi Christina,

    Great interview. It is lovely reading all your answers to Kylie's questions. Thanks Kylie.

  14. It's always a pleasure interviewing an author and finding out more about them - happy that this post has entertained readers! :-)

  15. Hi Riya, thanks for commenting - Kylie asked some great questions!

  16. It's been a lovely experience, Kylie - thank you for inviting me.

  17. Hi Kylie, Hello Christina,

    Wow! Kylie found some great book covers! Thank you Kylie. You made Christina's books look so tantalizing!

  18. Hi Nas, it's lovely to see all those covers again, isn't it?