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Friday, March 26, 2010

Holy Adrenalin Rush, Batman!

I'm an Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® Finalist in the (paranormal section)!!!

I was sitting in front of my laptop, working on scene plotting with my WIP, when the phone rang. When I heard the accent I thought it was one of those telemarketing companies calling to sell me something and was ready to jump in and say "no thanks, I'm hanging up now" but then I heard the words "I'm from the RWA®" and the adrenalin rush hit me like a steam train.

By the end of the phone call I had tears in my eyes and I was trying not to sound like a loon repeating, "Thank you so much for ringing, I'm so excited!"

Guess what I'm doing now? Yep, planning a trip to Nashville to attend the RWA® National conference! Woohoo!!!


  1. Congratulations! I googled your name after seeing you listed as a finalist. Hope you have fun in Nashville and good luck!

  2. Congratulations Kylie. Doors will open my friend, 2010 is your year!!!!. I hope we'll still see you in Aug in Aust. Good luck with the final. Will be cheering you all the way.

  3. Hi Sandy! Thanks for dropping by and saying hi, and checking out the blog! I hope you found something of interest to read.

    Hey, Tamara! I really appreciate your confidence in my journey and your encouragement. Yes, I'm doing the home run on romance conferences this year - Nashville, Sydney and Auckland. My cats are going to wonder if I've deserted them with all the travelling I'll be doing in July and August! :-)
    See you in Sydney!

  4. WOOHOO Kylie,
    Huge congratulations, shall have my fingers crossed for you. You have some great company in Nashville with the other Aussie fanalist and you are all in different categories, how cool in that?

    I love this sort of good news, always makes me smile. Oh and I was crying reading your email.


  5. Hi Sandie! I haven't slept much the last 48hrs, and comments like yours are making me tear up with the whole emotional reaction thing happening :-)

    I'm discovering just how HUGE this event is and it's one scary/exciting/overwhelming learning curve ahead of me but not one I'm going to swap for anything.

  6. Kylie - having gone offloop completely its taken me a day to discover your news but I am SOOOO excited for you!!!! Congratulations - this is so cool and so deserved and I'm hoping so many wonderful things come on the back of this for you - and how wonderful to be going to the congerence in July - what a fantastic experience that will be!!!!
    We're going to have to celebrate big time at the RWNZ Bi50 catch-up :) :) :)
    (I hope to be back onloop before then tho!)
    Crossing everything for you this July - but frankly I reckon getting in the finals in the GH is as good as a win in any other comp so GOOD FOR YOU!!!

  7. Hi Nat! Thank you for taking the time to pop in, especially seeing how tied up you are with things.

    Have to admit I don't know that this has really sunk in yet but the one thing that's meant a lot to me are the comments on and off loop, in personal emails and phone calls over the last 24hrs. It's been fabulous! :-)

  8. Kylie,
    So happy for you and so excited for you going to Nashville and getting to do all that great stuff and meet everyone there,
    Have a ball,

  9. Woohooo - congratulations Kylie!!!! So happy for you and so glad you can go to Nashville. Everything crossed for you.

  10. Hi, Suzi & Eleni, no doubt I'll have plenty to tell you about Nashville at conference once I get back! My eyes will probably be hanging out of my head with exhaustion (one thing I've been warned about *grin*) but plenty to share.

  11. (sneaks in)

    Hey, go you.

    Congratulations Kylie. Nashville!!!!!!!!!



  12. Sandra! You're still alive - I guess that means Lancel--- I mean McManus either hasn't found you or has forgiven you! :-) Hope your dad is doing well.

    Thanks for the congrats! I've spent most of today organising flights to Nashville (nearly 22 hours in the air and another 8 going through terminals and layovers - sigh - oh, for a transporter!)

  13. WOW, so cool Well done!!!!