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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

TO'H's lucky commenter!

Thanks, everyone, for dropping in to meet Tracey and find out what she's been up to and thank you, Tracey, for agreeing to be interviewed!

The lucky winner for Tracey's e-book (randomly drawn from an empty coffee cup!) is  Sandra! Congratulations!

If you already have NIGHT'S COLD KISS, Tracey has generously given you the choice of her alter ego's book TONIGHT MY LOVE if you'd like. 

Contact me with your decision and email address (so I can pass your details onto Tracey) at kyliegriffin@clearmail.com.au and happy reading!


  1. Congratulations Sandra - NCK is fantastic!!

  2. (peeks around corner)

    Psssst!!! Is it safe to come out now?

    Maybe this win is just "Lancelots" trick to lure me out............. cos I never win this stuff.

    You never *know* with these alphas.

    Thank you guys for a great interview, it was a lot of fun, even without the prize. It also serves as a reminder to find the person who has my Babylon5 collection on borrow and bring it back home. I have been missing Londo something fierce.



  3. You can safely come out from your hiding place, Sandra *lol*.

    Tracey has pacified Lanc-umm, I mean McManus with the fact your her e-book winner and that you're going to convince all your friends to read about him when his book comes out!

    Hey, stray thought now that he's not out to rip your arms off - he might even give you hand getting that Babylon 5 DVD back from the recaltrient borrower! *VBG*

    Congratulations and thanks for helping make Tracey's visit a fun one. I hope you'll be back when my next guest paranormal author visits!