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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

WHRWA Emily-Best of the Best!

I never thought the last week or so could get more exciting than it already has been but this morning I received an email from Laura Gompertz, Emily Paranormal coordinator, to inform me that my entry was judged Best of the Best of the entire contest! (all the 1st place manuscripts in all the genres are rejudged for this title)

On top of that she tells me Leis Pederson from Berkley is going to crit the first three chapters and synopsis, AND that one of the judges (Kay, Assistant Asst. Manager at the Barnes & Noble from the Galleria on Westheimer, Houston) was so impressed with our winners that she's willing to send all 1st place winners to her contact at Dorchester.

How awesome is that? But how am I supposed to get any writing done being high on Cloud 9 all day? For that matter, this whole last week? :-P

Photo: The Emily pin awarded to me for placing 1st in the Paranormal section of the contest. I'll wear it with pride at the RWAmerica, RWAustralia and RWNew Zealand conferences this year!


  1. (looks around before sneaking in)

    Hey Kylie,

    not dead yet but he's pissed. Think he found out about my tshirt plans somehow. Trying to formulate some knight version of green cryptonite in my secret underground lair, while I script a snarky gloat that will no doubt prove to be my doom. Dad has kept me busy and I am already plotting 2010 scarf number 3. Nuff said.

    As for you Miss..................

    Gorblimey, when you're hot, you're SMOKING.
    It's your time so relish every minute of it. You have worked so hard, enjoy.

    Sitting here blinking in amazement. GO YOU. And Nashville!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    (checks coast is clear.......... and slinks off)

  2. Hi Kylie,
    I am so thrilled for you.
    Just hang in there and breath... breath....
    When I first read that MS you entered (what ...A year ago now??...) I just knew it had all the makings of a winner.
    And good things come with age.
    This is your time.
    enjoy it , go with the flow.
    and BIG big COngrats.
    CHeers Mary :))

  3. Sandra, you crack me up! Glad to hear MacManus hasn't done away with you - maybe he's forgiven you!

    Maryde, thank you for the reminder to breath :-D
    It's been a fantastic last few days getting support and encouragement from everyone on and off-loop. Comments like yours make this journey to publication well worth the down times. I sincerely hope you'll be reading a published version of that ms. one day (positive thinking and visualisation here!).

  4. Congrats Kylie!!! Can't wait to see your book in print because it'll happen soon :))

  5. Thanks, Eleni, can't wait to see that book - I wonder which one it will be! :-)

  6. You'll be weighed down so much with all your prizes at the conferences you won't be able to walk!!

    Congratulations again on your Emily Best of the Best Award. What a champion!

  7. Kylie,
    Gorgeous pin,
    Enjoy wearing it at all the conferences,

  8. Cathryn and Suzi, thank you for stopping by and your good wishes! I'm definitely going to wear the Emily pin with pride!

    And as Trish Morey said on the ROMAUS loop, Cathryn, I think the unpubbed entrants are going to breathe a huge sigh when I finally publish as it'll open up the contest rankings again!