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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Which hero turns the pages for you?

Heroes have come a long way from the dashing, tall, dark and handsome characters of yesterday's romance novels. We have alpha heroes, beta heroes, and everything in between and examples of them can be found in most books, movies and TV shows of today.

What archetype* attracts you? What sort of hero do you like to read about? Who makes the story intriguing, exciting, page turning, sex-alicious for you?

Best in the fleet
Is it the tough, goal-orientated, decisive alpha who excels in everything he does? A prince, a leader, a feared gun-fighter, the multi-millionaire or CEO businessman? A man who knows what he wants, how he wants it, and just what to do to get it?

The bad boy
Could it be the street smart, charismatic rebel who flaunts authority? The outlaw? The boy from the wrong side of the tracks? Do you like to live on the wild side?

Or maybe it's the intently logical, honest, unassuming, but faithful introvert? The guy who'll save the world one formula at a time?

None of these?

The quiet friend
Well, what about the helpful yet caring Mr Nice Guy? The good guy? The hunky neighbor next door-type? Does a beta male who listens and supports the heroine do it for you?

A gambler & charmer
Or do you fall for the charming, sometimes scandalous rogue or playboy? (couldn't resist showcasing Johnny twice - he's just so yumm-alicious and a darn versatile actor to boot!)

The secretive lost soul
Does the vulnerable, secretive type float your boat? The tortured outcast with the brooding gaze? Is he the one you like to see find that happily ever after ending?

The reluctant warrior
Could you fall for the noble, reluctant hero? The man who defends the weak, the protector of society's underdogs? The one destiny has chosen to succeed whether he wants it or not?

The swashbuckling adventurer

Wait, what about the fearless, cheeky daredevil? The man who loves adventure and action? Can you see yourself beside him, traipsing all over the world in search of secrets and fortune?

So many types of heroes, so little time, eh? Good thing they all exist between the pages of a good romance. It means we can pick and choose whatever type we fancy, whenever we like.

So, who is it that does it for you? The warrior, unassuming geek, best friend, military or emergency serviceman, rancher or cowboy, playboy millionaire, undercover cop, rogue or someone else who makes your pulse pound?

Who has your heart?

* Some "titles" for the heroes for this post taken from the All About Romance blog.


  1. Hi Kylie
    How about all of the above!!
    There's something about all of the 'types' that does 'it' for me at one time or another:)
    Great post, and the eye candy didn't hurt either!!!!!!

  2. Hey Cath, so you're a woman with a broad range of taste. It is hard to choose though with heroes like these guys, eh?

  3. My favourite hero is the one in Sarah Mlynowski's "Monkey Business". Sadly I can't remember his name, but I do remember he was short and suffered from premature ejaculation. Not exactly hero material, but, oh my, he loved the heroine so much. You just knew he would never be unfaithful and that he would always be kind and would adore her forever. That's my kind of hero.

  4. I'm with Cath. One for each day of the week with a couple of double ups. But if I had to choose, Viggo does it for me every time, even when he's the bad guy like in The Indian Runner.


  5. Hahaha! I'm actually married to a military man, so apparently they do it for me (even though I swore I'd never be involved with a military guy).

  6. Janni, I loved your description of the hero and despite his "flaws" there were other more appealing characteristics that made him hero material for you. Thanks for sharing.

    Suzanne, I'm hearing you on Viggo! He's a fantastic actor, no matter what character he plays.

    Of course he's probably best known for playing Aragorn in LOTR. When I discovered he was the SEAL commander in GIJane I had to go back and watch the movie again. Hidalgo was another interesting character he played. I'm going to have to check out The Indian Runner.

    DFK, LOL on the military man interest. They're a great inspiration in fiction and real life!

  7. Oh I love ALL of your heroes, each in different ways. I guess its all in their match to the heroine, and the circumstances.
    Thanks for reminding us of all the scrummy ways we can make our heros!

  8. Mel, I like trying to match heroes and heroines archetypes in the books I'm reading. Lots of fun!

  9. Oh, heck! I'm not going to sleep a wink tonight, now! Mmmm, yummy. Which dessert do I want? LOL.

    I must admit I just can't go past the military guy. And you just HAD to include my all-time fave - Apollo - didn't you??? Even a prince I prefer to serve in the country's army, or navy, or... ;P

    But that doesnt mean he has to be an alpha, quite the opposite. The reluctant one has far more appeal. The more tortured, the better. Twist that knife, ladies! And if he's a reluctant, tortured *bad boy*, PERFECT!


  10. Military desert???

    You worry me sometimes, de Rooy! *shakes head*

    But I hear you on the reluctant, tortured hero/bad boy - oh yeah! :-)

  11. Yes, yes, yes! All of them!! But if I could only have one then, Aragorn or Faramir from Lord of the Rings (being greedy there...)

    Loved them in the books long before they starred in the movies. The reluctant hero and the unappreciated hero who persevere regardless. A man with presence, with intellect who others follow to the end in the name of honour.

  12. Makes you sort of wish Faramir could have had his own story, eh?

    Thanks for popping in Helene! You must have had the power sorted pretty quickly after Yasi went through.

    Our SES team members are at ground zero (Mission Beach) and are living in an army constructed tent city with no power or running water (I'm guessing they have camp site facilities cause there's no way they could put in a day's work cleaning up and not shower!).

  13. I like most of the above, well, maybe not the too smart for his own good kind. I like a man who gets a woman. I'm more of a strong beta girl. Great post!

  14. Hey Rachel, lovely to see you here! Thanks for dropping in and commenting.