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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Who has your heart?

February 14th - Valentine's Day - an auspicious day in any romance writer's calendar.

A day to celebrate the enduring love between partners, lovers, wedded couples, boyfriend & girlfriend and possibly to renew a commitment to a relationship in some special way.

I thought I'd take a different slant to Valentine's Day. One a little more...scintillating...and it involves you getting tenderly romantic, waxing a little poetic, maybe even hot & heavy. Interested?

Who is the hero (or heroine, depending on your preferences) from any book/movie/TV series that you'd love to have a Valentine's date with?

I'll start the ball rolling with a book character from one of my "keepers". I'd go on a date with Julian, Sherrilyn Kenyon's love-slave from FANTASY LOVER. I mean what more could a girl ask for - he's considerate, gentle, compassionate (look how he treats Grace in the book - sigh), a Spartan warrior, skilled in the art of romance and loving (having spent over two thousand years as a love-slave), and he's seriously ripped (because he's a warrior, but I already mentioned that, didn't I?).

Sam Worthington as a warrior makes your heart beat, doesn't he?
So, tell me, which special hero/heroine who sets your heart a-flutter, makes your pulse race, your mouth salivate, your skin tingle with excitement? - and yes, you can use your imagination here and have as an adventurous a date as you like!

I've four special book prizes to give away to keep in the theme of Valentine's Day. Leave a comment by midnight (Aussie DST) February 14th and you'll go into the draw. (open to local & overseas entrants)


  1. I'm not too fussy Kylie. I'd just like my husband to remember that it is Valentines day.

  2. Leave him an obvious hint, Julieann! LOL

  3. I wrote an article called My 46th Valentine to appear on www.angiesdiary.com starting the 13th February. My husband and have been married 45 years, crowding #46...we got married after three months, I was still a teenager and pregnant. Three strikes to start but there seemed to be a lot of interesting inning lined up...my husband now has Lewy Body Dementia {akin to alzheimer's} and I've had two bouts with breast cancer, losing one breast so he now calls me his uni-boob babe...whether he is fully conscious of who I am, he expresses his love for me and his passion has not died along with his mind. He is the only one I want or need for Valentine's or any other day of the year.

  4. Great question, Kylie.
    At home, naturally, my husband-to-be is all I ever want and need. He's my rock and my best friend, so I feel blessed to have found him.
    In the movies, I have to admit I'm hard pressed to go past Daniel Craig as James Bond. With his shirt on or off, he's stunning.
    In books, wow, there are so many. I like the sound of Julian - another book to buy from the sounds of it! I do like most of Stephanie Laurens' Cynster males as well. Autocratic they may be, but I think I'd quite enjoy be bossed around and loved so thoroughly by any of them!

  5. @pshene.webs.com/ - what a marvellous, touching story you have despite the "in sickness and in health" problems you've had with both of you.

    Wow, 45 years of marriage is nothing to sneeze at in this day and age either. My parents have just celebrated their 43rd anniversary. I like that you and they have been together for so long and from such an early age.

    Hi, Cate! I hear so many husbands and wives talk about each other being best friends. What an important part of the relationship that must be for you.

    Daniel Craig was yummy as Bond wasn't he? LOL

  6. Definitely Curran from Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels series. The Beast Lord of Atlanta. What's not to love? He he.

    Or maybe Japhrimel from Lilith Saintcrows Danny Valentine series. I love how he has feelings for the heroine first, even though she's blind to it, and he is sexy-hawt for a demon!

  7. You've just given me two new series to hunt down, Bec - thank you!

  8. I'd like to take home Adam Carter from Spooks. Quite a few years ago it would have been Oliver Tobias. Mind you, even with the added years he's still delish.

  9. I had to google Oliver Tobias, his name rang a bell but until I saw his face I couldn't recall who he was - he's Arthur of the Britons (a show I used to watch as a kid growing up and I had such a crush on him!).

    So, uh huh, yes, I agree with you Alison! Thanks for sharing and taking me down memory lane. :-)

  10. Too hard a question I say!!! Too hard.....

    but really if there was one hero, it would be Jamie from Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series. Sigh.......

    or maybe Zsadist from the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

    or Quinn from Keri Arthur's Riley Jensen Guardian series

    or Joe Morelli from the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich

    ....oh goodness, better stop now....

    Too hard I say!!!

  11. OOh, Kylie, so many gorgoeus men already mentioned, many of my favourites too eg British beautiful Adam from Spooks, Scottish Outlander Jamie, Ever patient Joe Morelli- sigh!
    But my real hero date would be Keanu Reeves, naturally, because in Speed when Sandra Bullock says 'We'll have to base our relationship on sex then,'..he gives the perfect reply we all need from our Valentine heroes...
    'Anything you say, maam!'

  12. Suzi, wipe the drool off your computer screen, hon! LOL

    Thanks for dropping by! Keanu was rather haw-t in Speed, eh? He was also rather appealing in the Matrix series, even though he started off as a bit of a dweeb. I liked watching the evolution of his character from nerd to reluctant-then-determined hero.

  13. Eleni, I have just got to read the OUTLANDER series, so many people have recommended it to me!

    And Zsadist is to die for, isn't he? Sigh. I've just about worn the spine out on his book. I'm going to have to get a new one soon.

  14. This is a toughie, Kylie! In the interests of continuing domestic harmony and because I'm going to twist his arm to revamp my website, I can't go past my real life hero and dh!

    BUT, since this is pure fantasty... I have to go with, um, um... decisions, decisions... Hugh Jackman in Kate and Leopold. What's not to like about a man who fills out a pair of breeches so well and woos the old fashioned way while coping with being tipped several generations into the future!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Kylie!


  15. Oh, Sharon, you've just mentioned the one man I LOVE seeing on screen and have a whole file of desktop photos to sigh over.

    KATE & LEOPOLD is a gorgeous romance and yeah, a girl could go ga-ga over the way he wooed Meg Ryan's character. :-)