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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Shannon Curtis giveaway winner!

The winner of the pdf copy of VIPER'S KISS is...

Na said...
Who left the comment: A quirky trait that I would love in a hero, is a man who can cook! Heroes are already extraordinary men with their protective nature, their strength and bravery but not often are their everyday, normal doings lauded. It would definitely make the hero more sensitive and tender with some scenes of him doing domestic duties. To add the quirk factor to it, he could be a cute klutz about it, buying cookbooks, putting on glasses as he squints at the TV cooking channel etc. :)

Email Shannon at this address - contactme (at) shannoncurtis (dot) com - and she'll arrange to get your prize to you. Congratulations and happy reading!


  1. Thank you very much! I just contacted Shannon =)

  2. Hi Kylie! I sent Shannon an email two weeks ago but haven't heard back from her. Since it's an ebook, I'm thinking my email may have gotten lost? Perhaps you can help if you feel the time isn't too short. Thank you.


  3. Hi Kylie, I wanted to let you know I just received Viper's Kiss from Shannon :) Yay!