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Saturday, August 20, 2011

TOPIC: Writing Terms (part 2)

This is part 2 in my series on writing terms.

category romance – typically the Harlequin M&B romance lines ie. medical, Sexy, Blaze, Desire, Intrigue etc.
protagonist – the most important character in a book
antagonist – the major character in a book whose values or behaviour are in conflict with those of the protagonist or hero
hero – main male character in the story
heroine – main female character in the story
secondary characters – minor characters in a story
premise – the problem that’s the basic idea of the story
turning point – an incident that marks the growth or a new stage in a character’s life
Black Moment – a defining moment or realisation of a character in the book
partial (request) – usually 3 chapters and a synopsis requested by the editor or agent
full request – the entire manuscript is requested by the editor or agent
query letter – a short letter pitching a book to an editor or agent to see if they’re interested in reading a manuscript; usually contains an introduction, a short summary of the book, and the author’s credits
solicited manuscript – a manuscript an agent or editor has asked to see
unsolicited manuscript – a manuscript an agent or editor hasn’t asked to see
simultaneous submission – to send out the same manuscript to more than one publishing house or literary agency
multiple submission – to send out different manuscripts to the same publishing house or literary agency
slush pile – a term used for unsolicited manuscripts received by a publishing house
voice – a term used to describe the tone or style of the author in a their work
imprint – a division within a publishing house that deals with a specific category of books

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