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Saturday, February 11, 2012


To continue the introduction of the characters from VENGEANCE BORN, today you find out more about Rissa, one of the secondary characters.

Name: Rissa 

Race: Human 

Age: 10
A younger version of Rissa.
Background & Skills: An orphan, Rissa grew up on the streets in Sacred Lake in an area called Coppertown - the place where the poor, destitute and law breakers reside.

As a trainee healer - her Gift is being able to sense when someone is in hurting on an emotional level and help them recover.

Her instructor is Healer Danna is her instructor although she is tutored by Master Healer Candra who has a soft spot for the talented, young girl. 

Interesting Facts:
  • Rissa was found on a search for Gifted potentials by Light Blades when she was 7 years old.
  • She's one of the first people at Sacred Lake to befriend Annika and not judge her for being Na'Chi.
  • Her mentor, Healer Danna, labels her a chatterbox.
  • Having been teased when she first started to learn to read, she hates people who bully others.
  • She takes on the role of tutor, helping Annika to learn to read and write.
  • Her nickname is Bit.
  • Master Healer Candra describes her as precocious, bold, vivacious & talented but easily distracted and mischievous. 


  1. LOL, Kylie, that picture looks exactly as Rissa would have been at that age as per the characteristics you've listed. :)