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Sunday, February 26, 2012

VENGEANCE BORN - Cross Genre Appeal

One of the most exciting things about finally seeing your book out there is getting that first fan email. Reading the letter gave me the weirdest feeling of "holy gwok, I'm really an author" (I said something else but I'm not repeating it here *grin*).

The letter started with:
My copy of Vengeance Born arrived yesterday from Rosemary’s (Romance Books – I couldn’t believe how quickly I got it! And of course I devoured it last night and am suffering from lack of sleep today!
Hoo-yah! I kept her up late into the night. Now that's something an author likes to hear!!!

But then the same reader sent me this email just yesterday.
Hi Kylie,
My Dad is here staying with me for a few days. He’s voracious reader and in recent years has been reading many romance novels from people I know and to his initial amazement, thoroughly enjoying them (he thought romance meant category and didn’t realise the ST [single title] involvement).
So I gave him VB. I could hardly get any sense out of him yesterday as he got swept up in your story. He finished it late last night and is eagerly awaiting Book 2 – he wasn’t happy that it’s not until July!! He was amazed at how much action there was in your story and how well developed your world.

So another convert...
Double hoo-yah!!!

This isn't the first bloke to have read VENGEANCE BORN - and I have to admit I've felt some trepidation on hearing that they're reading the book, especially considering that VENGEANCE BORN has been promoted as a fantasy romance novel.

I anticipated derogatory remarks about it being a romance, or worse, "porn for women" sort of comments (yeah, I know I shouldn't have thought so negatively but some of these guys aren't known for reading romance novels!).

So, it's been a pleasant surprise, and unexpected bonus, to find outthey've thoroughly enjoyed reading the book, and, like this reader's father, they're wanting to know when the next one comes out.

I love it when a book has cross-gender appeal. :-)


  1. Thats fantastic, Kylie. Congratulations.

    But why are people always suprised that romance as a genre isn't what they thought? I have a friend who has to fight off her husband for the latest J.R.Ward books. My partner loves hearing about all of the different stories I read. Converting people is a wonderful thing.

    Go Romance!

  2. Unfortunately romance carries a kind of stigma in the writing world. If it's a romance can't be good can it? It's nonsense as readers soon discover when they try the great writers and wonderful stories out there.

  3. Well done Kylie,

    i wonder if fans realize how wonderful the feeling is to get their emails/letters?

    Great to hear =))

  4. Too true, Maggi - may we continue to convert the dubious and scornful! :-)

    Mel, having been on both sides of the fence I can now say I understand that side of things much better now. I know I've made more of an effort to send appreciative fan mail to authors when I enjoy a book.

  5. Aww, that is great! I love it when guys read a "romance" and finally realize they are just books with great stor py lines and a lot of heart. Hope you keep getting these fun letters!

    1. It IS lovely to convert a guy an bust a myth about romance! :-)

  6. And why shoudn't men enjoy romance anwyay? After all, they are one half of the equation... But I know what you mean. Good luck, Kylie!

    1. I agree, Pat. Unfortunately the usual stigma inhibits most. :-( But I'm converting a few it seems. :-)

  7. Ah, ye of little faith!! Your books have much wider appeal than ye think! *vbg* My daughter asked me yesterday if she could read VB (she's 8). I told her once she gets to high school...(I think she's gonna hold me to that!)

    Also, this topic always makes me laugh. Look at the biggest and best names in action movies (and yes I know there are other plots and threads in these examples, but these are a MAJOR plot point): Die Hard - trying to save his estranged wife; Avatar - Jake sees the cruelty and horror in what he's supposed to do due the awakening from the native he falls for; Mad Max - he goes nuts after his wife is killed; The Mummy - he tries to 'save' the girl (although she's cluier than him, LOL); Armageddon - Liz's character plays a HUGE part in what choices the two main characters make; Thor - he falls for a mortal.

    I could go on for hours. But a lot of guys still won't admit that love, etc, is important.

    Ha! Silly boys... :D


    1. LOL about Miss 8 wanting to read my book - hmm, reminds me of some of the kids at my school where I teach. Gave them the same answer! :-)

      And what great movies, Chelle. I second all those choices and list a few of my own fav's:
      *The Terminator - Michael Biehn came back through time to save his beloved!
      *Underworld - Seline risked her life to save Michael
      *LOTR:ROTK - Aragorn takes up the crown to save the world and Arwen
      *Spartacus - He submits to slavery to be reunited with his wife!

  8. Hey, Kylie,

    Just dropping in late to say that, it's not a boy, but I lent my copy to my fab beta-reading friend on Friday and she gave it back today - because she had already read it - and she LOVED it. She said (quoting from memory) 'I LOVED the characters and I can't WAIT to read the next one - it is a series, isn't it? And that bit at the end, when you find out about the ... (no spoilers) I SO did not see that coming! Loved it!'
    Just thought you might like to know...

    1. Imelda, how cool is that! Thank your friend for me! :-D