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Saturday, February 18, 2012

CAST OF CHARACTERS: Secondary characters

While the Light Blade series has an ever growing cast, here are just a few of the main players in VENGEANCE BORN.

Light Blade warriors - male and females who have the skill to channel kinetic energy through weapons. They defend human territory against the Na'Reish, patrolling the border between human and demon territory to stop Na'Hord raiding parties from taking humans as blood-slaves.

Na'Reish - a race of demons. They possess superior physical strength, night-sight and hearing. They rely on and consume human blood to survive. The Na'Rei is their king, his rule is a dictatorship. The culture implements a caste system and within Na'Reish society power and might earns respect. Most Na'Reish believe in purity of their bloodlines and revile any mixed blood unions (ie. between humans and demons).

Na'Chi - a half human, half demon race who possess similar physical characteristics to the Na'Reish. They have a less heavy build & height, no pointed teeth, violet eyes with flecks that reflect their mood and emotions, and paler spotted marking on their skin. They rely on drinking blood to survive, just like the Na'Reish. Discrimination and misconceptions abound because of their half-breed heritage. Demons kill them on sight, humans believe them to by a myth.

The Lady - revered goddess of the humans. Also a religious figurehead for some of the Na'Chi.

The Lady's Light Blade amulet with sun symbol
Arek Barial - a Light Blade warrior, Kalan's best friend and his Second-in-Command. He lost both his parents (who were also Light Blade warriors) at a very young age. He was raised by his maternal grandfather, Davyn.

Kymora - as I imagine her
Kymora - the Temple Elect, religious leader, of the humans. As a child she caught a highly contagious fever and lost her sight, one of the less severe side effects. She's Kalan's sister. Kymora is the heroine in ALLIANCE FORGED, Book #2 in the Light Blade series.

Varian - leader of the Na'Chi
Varian - leader of the Na'Chi who follow Annika from her father's fortress in Na'Reish territory. Both respected and feared by those in his group. Varian is the hero in ALLIANCE FORGED.

Lisella - one of the Na'Chi who follow Annika from her father's fortress in Na'Reish territory. Outspoken and a devout follower of the Lady.

Davyn - Arek's grandfather, member of the Blade Council (the ruling body for humans). After losing his daughter and son-in-law to the Na'Reish he passed on his need for vengeance against the demons to Arek.

Candra - Master Healer and councilor on the Blade Council. Supporter of Kalan.


  1. Cant wait to read Varian's story...and he's smokin!!

  2. I really liked all your secondary characters, Kylie. I can see varian and Kymora are going to have and interesting time. But you left out the little girl! She was a favorite! hope the series goes long enough for her to get a story. I think you've set up enough issues to be going on with for a while, so let's hope so. Did I mention I liked it?

  3. Ahh, Imelda, if you want to read about Rissa then check out the blog post dated Feb.11th - it's all about her! LOL

    And thank you for letting me know you enjoyed VENGEANCE BORN! It means a lot to me. :-) And yes, Varian and Kymora are in for an interesting time together.

  4. isn't Kymora gorgeous! And glad she gets her own book along with Varian - nice match!!

  5. ALLIANCE FORGED was a heap of fun to write, Mel. :-)

  6. Wonderful to see how it is built from the ground up, Kylie. Congratulations on this enormous life achievement.