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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Review from A New Kind of Ordinary

This time the review is from Melanie from A New Kind of Ordinary.

She gives VENGEANCE BORN a 4 star rating with a tag of "a unique blend of paranormal romance & pure fantasy". :-)


  1. Well done Kylie!

    I'm halfway through and really enjoying the read so far =)

  2. That is a lovely review, Kylie. Though I must admit I did wonder if she meant your 'unique' way of blending paranormal romance and fantasy or that this is the first paranormal romance she's read.

    And I'm NOT going to get up on my soap box regarding cross-genre writing and the lag of publishers who seem unable to keep up with what readers really want. (OK - but it was only a little soapbox)

  3. I cant believe that I'm still waiting on mine from the book depo....this is the longest I've ever had to wait :(

    Glad to see VB getting some good reviews though :)

  4. Soapboxes can be good things, Sandy! LOL

    Oh, Cath! I'm wishing the package a speedy delivery! Don't shoot the messenger when it does finally arrive - I'd say it's the O/S mail that's the hold up! :-)