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Thursday, September 13, 2012

SERIES: Ellora's Cave author - Gem Sivad

I've run series on science fiction romance and DownUnder paranormal romance, and the wonderful authors who've been my guests have provided fascinating insights into the genres. They've also given us some great titles to add to our To be Read piles.

So I thought it might be fun to feature another genre I enjoy reading - paranormal erotic romance. Or more specifically, authors who write paranormal erotic romance for Ellora's Cave. :-)

Please welcome my latest guest...Gem Sivad.

Hi, my name is Gem Sivad. If you’ve seen me on Twitter, Facebook or a romance loop, it was probably only a quick glimpse.

I lurk a lot, say “hello” to the authors I know, read the daily updates and enjoy humanity from a distance. Because I have hermit tendencies, I live in a country setting near a small unincorporated town with a population of five hundred (give or take a wild turkey or two).

I’ve been writing for Ellora’s Cave since 2010 when they contracted my historical western, Eclipse Heat series. Three books, Quincy’s Woman, Perfect Strangers and Five Card Stud are now available. Wolf’s Tender, Breed True, Trouble in Disguise and Whispering Grace are scheduled to release in 2012 and 2013.

In my first paranormal story, I’ve currently ventured from the 1800’s to a place in the 21st century where old magic prevails.  Call Me Miz features heroine, Missouri Hess, a witch/healer living in Bitter Creek Holler.  My hero, Thomas Hunter is a shape-shifting government Special Forces Operative who spends half his time in jaguar form. I enjoyed these two so much, a second story wrote itself. Hexual Healing will release from Ellora’s Cave October 12th and is currently available for pre-buy at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Publisher: Ellora’s Cave.

What do you think the readers will like about this book/series?
Hot sex combined with fast paced action, humor and intriguing paranormal possibilities.

Harvest the magic of Samhain and sex
Heal the beast, rebound the hex
Burn, witch, burn…

Incantations, scryings and hexes abound when hedge witch Missouri Hess breaks out her rough magic. The Autumn Solstice is days away, Bitter Creek Holler is pulsing with mountain mysticism, Miz is burning up with enough sexual energy to light up Fenway Park and her lover is MIA. She…is…pissed.

Nothing in his military, shapeshifting, Special Forces background has prepared Thomas Hunter for the torture of jaguar mating heat or the wrath of a furious witch. Though he’s on a mission in DC, his beast wrests control, returning them to their mate.

After Thomas delivers his own brand of sexual healing, it’s back to DC, with Miz. There’s twisted magic at work. Someone has unleashed a snake-eyes death hex. Good thing Miz is all about hexual healing. And Thomas stands ready to take all the heat from her sexual burn.

Buy links:
Ellora's Cave     Amazon     B&N

What themes or tropes appear in your books?
I think you’ll always find determined women who have a strong sense of self-worth in each of my books.

What is the single, most important thing about writing for you?
Time to play with the voices in my head. *wink*

What new project are you working on now?
BARE CLAWS (working title) the third book in my Bitter Creek Hollow series.

How do you balance writing, family and other commitments?
I have a husband to help.  Mr. GS is proud of my success and urges me on, volunteers to “test” the erotic aspects of each book, and smiles at me over take-out.

What three authors would we find you reading once you finished writing a book?
Christina Dodd, Patricia Briggs and Ilona Andrews.

When I'm alone, I... write.
I love eating pizza with... friends ...and... like anything on it but garlic.
I would never... quit writing ...because... I can’t.
My secret vice is... long log pretzels with heavy salt. *yum*

You can find out more about Gem on her website, Gem's Place (blog), or follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, or sign up for her Dreamcatcher eZine newsletter.

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  1. Hi Gem,
    Glad there are others with hermit tendencies happy to live in their own heads with their people :)

    Flicking from the 1800s to the 21st century is quite a change! I'll have to keep an eye out for your stories.

    So many books... so little money & time! You're always making me stretch my reading wings, Kylie.