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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

SERIES: Ellora's Cave author - Kate Hill

I've run series on science fiction romance and DownUnder paranormal romance, and the wonderful authors who've been my guests have provided fascinating insights into the genres. They've also given us some great titles to add to our To be Read piles.

So I thought it might be fun to feature another genre I enjoy reading - paranormal erotic romance. Or more specifically, authors who write paranormal erotic romance for Ellora's Cave. :-)

Please welcome my guest...Kate Hill.

What do trips around the world, endless nights of breathtaking sex, and a muscular, 6-foot 3-inch, brown-haired, blue-eyed significant other have to do with Kate Hill? Absolutely nothing, but she can dream, can't she? In reality Kate is a vegetarian New Englander who loves writing romantic fantasies.

Currently, she might not be traveling around the world, but Kate has visited Europe and Africa and those beautiful places have been wonderful inspiration for her writing. While working at various times as a clerk, assistant karate instructor, house painter and banker, Kate dreamed of being an author. In 1996 her first short story was accepted for publication and since then she has sold over one hundred short stories, novellas and novels.

Kate's stories, The Chieftain's Bride and Vampire Master, have won The Romance Studio's CAPA and in 2002 her vampire novel, The Immaculate, was nominated for a Romantic Times Reviewers' Choice Award.

When she's not working on her books, Kate enjoys reading, working out, and researching vampires and Viking history. 

Publisher: Ellora's Cave 

What do you think the readers will like about this book/series?
I think what readers enjoy about the Horsemen series is the fantasy of a half-man, half-beast. From reader comments, they seem to like the way characters mingle throughout the series. Several of the characters appear in most of the books, so readers can continue following the lives of previous heroes and heroines.

In MYSTERY STALLION, the hero, Grigori, was introduced as a secondary character in Victory Stallion.

Long ago a striped Horseman lost his heart to the only Horsewoman ever born. Feared and rejected, he allowed his bitterness to destroy them both. Since then, no striped Horseman has ever known love...until now.

Sold into slavery by his father, Grigori de Forest arrives home twenty years later to reclaim his birthright. Now lord of a land where superstitious villagers despise and fear him because he bears "the marks", he intends to live alone in his family's ancestral castle.

Since childhood, Violeta has been fascinated by the mysterious Grigori, whose striped coat sets him apart from other Horsemen. Desperate for work and knowing he has run off all his servants, she requests he hire her to cook and clean. She doesn't realize that he remembers her for an act of kindness toward him years ago.

Lust spurred on by shared dreams hurls them into a storm of passion, but their love and lives are endangered by the villagers and a plague that threatens to destroy the mighty race of Horsemen.

Link to book video for MYSTERY STALLION.
Purchase link for MYSTERY STALLION. 

What themes or tropes appear in your books?
Though I've written stories without paranormal aspects, I usually include some type of supernatural theme in my books. Whether it's magic, shapeshifters, vampires, or aliens, I truly love the supernatural and enjoy writing about otherworldly characters and situations.

What is the single, most important thing about writing for you?
The single most important thing about writing to me is to tell a story I enjoy. I honestly feel that if I don't love and believe in the story I'm writing, I can't expect others to like it either. 

What new project are you working on now?
Currently I'm working on an adventure romance series set on an alternate Earth. I'm also outlining a new book in the Horsemen series.

How do you balance writing, family and other commitments?
I have no children, but I do have a second job. Writing is my career, so I treat it like any other job by meeting daily goals for new writing, promoting, and working on edits. 

What three authors would we find you reading once you finished writing a book?
Three authors whose work I always enjoy are Julia Talbot, Jack Greene, and Charlotte Boyett-Compo.

If you walked into a store that sold anything and everything, what three things would you put in your shopping cart that would reflect your personality?
A jump rope, a horror movie, and an Asian pear.

When I'm alone, I...think too much.
I love pizza with...spinach.
I would never...smoke...because...I don't like the thought of it.
My secret vice... isn't so secret. I love to cross stitch, but once I start a project I have to make sure it doesn't take over my whole life until it's finished!

You can find out more about Kate on her website, Goodreads, or follow her on Twitter, or see her on YouTube.

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  1. I am absolutely terrified of horses, but maybe this book might make me like them just a little bit more!!
    This series sounds interesting, I'll be sure to take a look :)
    Thanks for the great interview...