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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SERIES: Ellora's Cave author - Kelli Scott

I've run series on science fiction romance and DownUnder paranormal romance, and the wonderful authors who've been my guests have provided fascinating insights into the genres. They've also given us some great titles to add to our To be Read piles.

So I thought it might be fun to feature another genre I enjoy reading - paranormal erotic romance. Or more specifically, authors who write paranormal erotic romance for Ellora's Cave. :-)

Please welcome my next guest...Kelli Scott.

Kelli Scott, a former airline employee, spent her career globetrotting the world, leaving broken hearts and empty champagne flutes in every port.

Turning over a new leaf, she started her own now defunct religion, also revolving around champagne.

Currently a recluse living on a mountaintop in the Appalachians, she enjoys rock gardening, taxidermy and writing her semi-autobiographical memoirs. 

Title: HAIR OF THE DOG – A paranormal shifter tale set in a small tourist town ripe with mystical lore, plenty of charm and quirky characters. Throw in some witty banter, a steamy love story and a surprise twist that ends with a bang.
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave. 

When Grant, mayor of Mystic Springs, asks Ivy to run the Mystic Springs resort, she’s so thrilled, she accepts the job without so much as visiting the town first. Then she arrives and meets Grant—and her goals change. She got her dream job, and now she wants Grant…preferably at her mercy in the bedroom.

Grant’s inner animal is desperate to take Ivy. And he’s not joking about the “animal” part—Grant and most of the Mystic Springs residents are shifters. The spring is more than a landmark, it’s the touchstone that grounds their powers and keeps them on the human side of the shifter spectrum. But the spring is running dry…

The townspeople are convinced Ivy is the woman who was prophesied to rejuvenate the spring. Local legend is rife with rumors of sex rites that might help, and Grant’s only too happy to give them a go. He just has to convince Ivy that he’s the man—er, wolf?—for her.

Buy links:
Ellora’s Cave

What themes or tropes appear in your books?
Water. I love to add an ocean, lake, pond or river to my stories.

Weather. Inclement weather makes people’s clothes fall off or makes them run for cover where their clothes can fall off.

Family. No matter the situation, throw some family at it and watch the sparks fly. Or food. Or fur. Depending. 

What is the single, most important thing about writing for you?
It keeps me sane. No, wait. It makes me insane. I enjoy the worlds I create and hope others do too. Writing keeps me entertained for hours. When I’m not writing I’m talking about writing or Tweeting (which is sort of like writing). So the single most important thing about writing for me is the writing.

What new projects are you working on now?
I have contracted a Quickie® to Ellora’s Cave, titled Passion Pill and another titled Costume Ball. I have contracted a novella titled Silk Stalkings, also to EC and a short story titled Rub Me the Right Way to Decadent Publishing. And I hope readers will love HAIR OF THE DOG because I’m excited to write more stories set in Mystic Springs. 

How do you balance writing, family and other commitments?
Not very well. I work on my writing at my day job. I write when I should be exercising. I write when I can’t sleep.

I do social networking while I’m supposed to be watching TV with my research assistant, Guillermo. I barely cook or clean anymore. My yard looks absolutely apocalyptic. Everyone in my life is neglected, and yet, I have many unfinished writing projects on my laptop. 

What three authors would we find you reading once you finished writing a book?
I love Janet Evanovich. I’m in love with John Grisham. And I read a fair amount of Sue Grafton. My reading life is also neglected. I read a lot of Ellora’s Cave authors too.

If you walked into a store that sold anything and everything, what three things would you put in your shopping cart that would reflect your personality?
Socks because my feet are always cold, even in summer. Six-pack of Bud Light—the reason seems obvious. Nice&Easy #110 because I’m too young to be gray. 

When I’m alone... I watch cheesy Hallmark movies in my PJs while eating popcorn and M&Ms. Try it. Trust me.

I love pizza with…veggies, but also pizza with Canadian bacon and pineapple (mostly pineapple). It’s a toss-up. 

I would never…jump out of a perfectly good airplane ...because… I’d rupture my vocal cords screaming on the way down.

My secret vice is…watching celebrities do just about anything. Celebrity Wife Swap. Celebrity House Hunters. Rachel and Guy Celebrity Cook Off. Celebrity Jeopardy week. I hate myself for loving them. :-)

You can find Kelli at her blog, Goodreads, Amazon Author Central, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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  1. Great interview Kelli,

    had a good chuckle reading through it cause I feel the same way. Writing is slowly taking over my life... LOL