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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Seven! (Master of the Mountain)

It's Saturday Seven!

MASTER OF THE MOUNTAIN by Cherise Sinclair is an erotic romance with an unconventional heroine. Rebecca is plump and possesses scars on her body and believes no one can love her as she is. Logan, an ex-soldier returned home to run a wilderness lodge for swingers, begs to differ and shows her his brand of appreciation.
Logan waited until her breathing slowed, her muscles went lax, and she hovered on the edge of sleep. Time for interrogation, vanilla-style. Yeah, rope would be a hell of a lot more fun. "Why are you with the swingers?"
Drowsily, she rubbed her cheek against his chest, hardening him to discomfort. "Matt wanted me to come. Thought it would make our sex life..." Her words trailed off into a yawn.
The idea of her boyfriend being inadequate to her needs made Logan grin. "It doesn't bother you he's with other women?"
The whimper she gave broke his heart. Yes, it bothered her. Her fingers toyed with the hair on his chest and then went still. Her brain had disengaged again.
"He's a jerk?"
"He's perfect. Just...I...no swinger." Her hand languidly stroked the muscles on his shoulders. "...doesn't like my body."
"Mmmph." Logan has to grit his teeth to keep from rolling over and driving into the body Matt didn't like. If anything could snap his control, it would be a soft, round woman pressed against him. "Not everybody likes skinny women, Becca."
When Rebecca’s boyfriend talks her into vacationing at a mountain lodge with his swing club, she quickly learns she’s not cut out for playing musical beds. Now she has no place to sleep.
Logan, the lodge owner, finds her freezing on the porch. After hauling her inside, he warms her in his own bed, and there the experienced Dom discovers that Rebecca might not be a swinger…but she is definitely a submissive. Rebecca knows that no one can love her plump, scarred body. To her shock, Logan not only disagrees, but ties her up and shows her just how much he enjoys her curves. Under his skilled hands, Rebecca not only loses her inhibitions, but also her heart.
Damaged from the war, Logan considers himself too dangerous to be around the enticing little sub. He sends her away for her own safety, not realizing she believes she has once again been rejected because of her size. As Logan’s mountains echo with her voice long after she’s gone, he realizes she’d taken his heart with her. But when he arrives in the city to reclaim his little sub, her phone has been disconnected and her apartment is empty.

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