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Sunday, June 30, 2013


One of the most wonderful things about being an author is when you find out a reader has really, truly connected with your characters or understood what you were hoping to achieve in your book/series.

Google Alerts notified me of this review of ALLEGIANCE SWORN on Amazon. While the 5 star rating was awesome, even more satisfying were the comments made about the characters and plot, particularly in the final paragraph of the review.
Wow. I enjoyed the first 2 books in this series, but this one took it to a whole new level. It's dark, edgy, and oh so hot. I love this couple. Arek has been a favorite from the beginning. Oddly enough, I had it in my head that Liselle was the lucky girl in this book. I was several chapters in before I realized that couldn't be the case. Had to go look it up. Glad I was wrong. Imhara is hands down my favorite heroine yet in the Light Blade series. I suspect one of my favorites in any series.

This book, being amongst the Na'Reish, was much grittier, darker. I'm not sure I would have seen it as something Griffin could or would write (silly since I'm basing that on 2 books and I don't know her.) Writing Imhara as someone who could bring headstrong Arek to heel was impressive. I pretty much read this book in a day because the dynamic between those 2 was delicious.

I doubt I've said it, but I really like how Griffin writes villains. We aren't forced to sit in their POVs the way many do. If we are with them, it's time well spent. They make you ache to put a Light Blade enhanced dagger in them (by way of Arek's hands will do nicely.)

Overall, our epic plot continues, moving nicely forward with this installment. I care about how the overall plot plays out as much as I care about the individual couples featured. That is certainly not always the case in many series where the overarching plot is clearly secondary to the romantic elements. This series has both.
WMMcCall really gets my writing. My heart soared when WMMc acknowledged & recognised not only Arek & Imhara's romance but the epic plot as well. I find both these elements as important as one another when I write any story, and to know they balanced and resonated with this reader was a real thrill.

Thank you, WMMcCall, you've made my day!

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  1. Wow! You're so very welcome! I grew up on high fantasy. Romance is newer for me. With that and as a writer, I guess I'm just wired to need that larger plot. Thank you so much for keeping the perfect balance. 'Allegiance Sworn' captivated me with the romance being perfectly interwoven with the plot. You make us deeply care about both. That's mad skills, girl!
    I, for one, am anxious for book 4!

    Wendy Beck
    (Also known as WMMcCall)