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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

RWA® Conference - Part 3

Check out the Walt Disney® World Swan & Dolphin Resort - phew-ee, what huge place it was! 17 restaurants, eateries & bars, a boat to take you to the theme parks, front door bus service to do the same, a spa, health club and pools galore...

The WDW Dolphin half of the resort. HUGE!!!

One of two wings of the Dolphin Resort.

The place had its own lake and boat and fake beach.

Fake beach complete with sand and palm trees and banana chairs - everything you needed to relax in the sun.

The lobby of the Dolphin, with fountain and lounge chairs for relaxing in.

A baby grand piano - cabaret singer and accompanying piano player complimentary entertainment each evening.

The Northern Ballroom - it was the size of a football stadium!

Lunch and dinner were held here in the ballroom and always packed to capacity!

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