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Sunday, September 5, 2010


To all who dropped by to say hi to Christina and I - thank you.

And to those who shared their preferred ancient destination to explore - a double thank you. Some days (nah, most days), I wish I had a time machine. You know, so many places, so little time...

Anyhow, by random draw from a (clean) coffee cup, the winner who gets to claim the giveaway copy of FORBIDDEN is...

Mel Teshco

Please contact Christina on ChristinapPh (at) gmail (dot) com - no spaces.

Congratulations & happy reading!


  1. Oh WOW!!!!!!!!!! Thank you girls, so very *VERY* much!!! This was actually one I was going to buy (even after promising myself NO more books until my TBR pile dwindles just a little loL!)
    I can't wait to read this!!! MWAH!!!!

  2. Congratulations and I hope you really enjoy Christina's book, Mel! :-)