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Friday, September 17, 2010

WIP (work in progress)

I'm knee-deep in writing my new work in progress (nicknamed PLANET X for want of a better title). I thought I'd share the blurb with you. Keep in mind this is a first draft so in the long run this may not be the final version, but it'll suffice for now! *grin*

Independent planet Veora, on the outer reaches of the universe, offers wealth to any brave and wily enough to survive its desert wastelands and dangerous predators to mine valuable powerstones, an alternate energy source in high demand.
Eshani believes love is for fools. A convicted thief, sentenced by the Federation to serve out her time on Veora, she unexpectedly makes a life for herself there. And discovers a man who forces her to question her jaded beliefs. But can she learn to trust again?
Kaedan Onne, a GenEn soldier, was bred to be the best. His whole life has been spent honing his genetically modified skills to perfection. When the Federation deems his kind too dangerous to remain alive he chooses to run. Now with a price on his head, Veora offers Kaedan isolation and anonymity, a refuge.
Until he meets Eshani. Her tough, cynical exterior hides a vulnerable, sexy woman. He knows that to give in to the fierce attraction between them compromises his safety, his chances of living a life in the only place he’s ever dared call home.
Veora may be the key to their salvation, but with unknown forces fighting for control of powerstone mining, Eshani and Kaedan must risk their hearts, their freedom and their lives to fulfill their deepest desires.

How's it read, folks? Would you be interested in this book based on this blurb?


  1. This sounds fantastic! I'd certainly love to read it =)

  2. Count me in. Sounds awesome. A gen enhanced soldier and a thief for a heroine? Rocks. The world-building is very clearly spelled out and I love the hint of danger.